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My company the US Postal Service is actually on the right track when it comes to posting engaging content. We do post lots of content regarding our employees and all the wonderful things they do to serve the American people. Hundreds of postal employees every year save the lives of their customers in the course of delivering the mail. When stories of heroic postal employees are posted on our Facebook page we experience more shares, comments and likes.

Since the US Postal Service reaches every American home and business every day we have the opportunity to look out for our customer’s welfare. USPS Letter Carriers keep a watchful eye out for their customers who may be seniors or have special needs. Other times the Letter Carrier is in the right place at the right time to hear a cry for help.  Here are a few examples:


Kenneth Maly – Grand Island, NE, Letter Carrier
Grand Island, NE, Letter Carrier Kenneth Maly heard a customer cry out for help. The woman said she’d fallen and couldn’t move. Maly went to a neighbor’s residence and called for an ambulance. The customer was later treated at a hospital for a broken leg. It was an especially eventful day for Maly, who earlier at his office had been recognized with a 35-year service award.

Jackie Burton – Sun City, CA, Letter Carrier
Credit Sun City, CA, Letter Carrier Jackie Burton with performing double-duty recently while assisting an elderly wheel-chair bound customer who had fallen. While delivering to her home, Burton heard the woman cry out for help. Burton called 911 and stayed with the customer until the paramedics arrived. Burton then secured the woman’s dogs so that emergency personnel could enter the yard.

Deon James – Los Gatos, CA, Letter Carrier
While driving on his route in Los Gatos, CA, Letter Carrier Deon James saw a man lying on the sidewalk. When he stopped to investigate, he discovered the man was unconscious, suffering from an allergic reaction to a bee sting. James called 911 and cared for the man according to the operator’s instructions until paramedics arrived. Originally found by James in critical condition, the man was admitted to intensive care and has fully recovered.

To learn more visit local heros.

The Postal Service is posting content on Social Media about what we know, our employees, our products and services with positive results. This week’s readings did spark an interest to branch out into being more helpful to our followers. Mailing and packaging tips for the upcoming holidays and all the ways is a virtual Post Office

I am posting content about what I know, the US Postal Service. Going into my 27th year with the Organization and having held numerous positions including beginning my career as a Letter Carrier I am posting content about what I know. I also loved the advice to always work with an editor…this is a lesson I have learned the hard way. I love my editor, thank you Denise. 


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