Cheat Tweet


Cheat Tweet

Here are some tips that really stood out for me in this week’s readings I think are worth sharing.

Create content that is relevant and resonates with your followers. I can see how I can apply that to the  @USPS tweets. Currently, we don’t use Twitter to sell our products; we are using it more for providing information. As far as my personal Twitter account I see that in order to gain followers I am going to have to reinvent my image. Instead of presenting myself as a student that knows nothing about social media going forward I plan on presenting myself as an industry expert on the Postal Service. I am going to post a tweet today regarding Priority Mail with a call to action to see what kind of response I get.

Knowing that Twitter is a pull marketing tool rather than push, I plan to entice followers by leveraging our free Priority Mail boxes and educate consumers to the fact that the USPS can deliver the boxes right to their home or business for free. So instead of just blindly going on Twitter and spitting out any information that comes to mind the content should have a strategy. Today my tweet will be planned!

Other tips I found helpful from the reading were to keep tweets short and use 1 or 2 hashtags in the tweet. Tweets with images or links are more engaging than just text. Employing a “Call to Action” is always a good way to grow engagement. The call to action can simply be to ask your followers to “Retweet or “RT” your Tweet.

The most important Twitter tip I picked up from the readings was to always respond to every tweet. At least two of this week’s readings mentioned that it’s important to respond to everyone that tweets you. Finally I have never heard of Notebook of Love @Notebook, who knew? Oh, I guess 4,729,400 people did!


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  1. Understanding the idea between Twitter being “pull” rather than “push” is huge in figuring out the best way to use it. Also, I think that it is great that the USPS is using twitter as an informative medium rather than as a way to market. Like many of the readings said, if people trust you they are more likely to purchase from you. I’m sure it will be fun tweeting during the letters for Santa push!


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