Learning to Tweet Better


So how do we engage our followers in a Tweet that must be 140 characters or less? The first rule of thumb we should remember is the shorter the better. Yet saying something significant, helpful or intriguing in 140 characters is much more difficult than anticipated. This week I tried to employ all the tips and advice from the lecture, readings and articles shared by my fellow classmates with not much luck. Yet I am not going to give up finding the right tactics to get a follower to tweet me back or better yet re-tweet something I tweeted. I definitely used the art of the re-tweets to engage my followers. When reviewing the most popular Tweets I see the use # hashtags works well for engagement. Using hashtags are a great way to be part of the conversation and jump right in. Since I am so new to Twitter it has taken some time to get into the # use.
For business the USPS’s Twitter page @USPS uses #hashtags successfully, just this week we used #USPSbytheNumbers, #NeverForget twice and #PriorityYou. As Information the @USPS Twitter page has 11,854 followers and growing! It’s been up for about a year and half and although the amount of followers is not huge it’s respectable. Being 1 of 4 members of the USPS social media team, I am not solely responsible for the content or #hashtags, my role is more of an idea person. Thank goodness for teams!

My journey to better tweets taught me what works and what doesn’t. Like:
Tweets should be important to the end user.
Ask a Question to create a conversation.
Think before you Tweet.
Reply to others.
Make Lists.
Know why people are following you.
If you are lucky enough to have someone tweet you back be sure to respond. Thank them for the Tweet.
For Business Tweets make sure your Tweet is business like.
Your Tweets should help customers.
Your Tweets should help build trust.
A good tip is to use humor but don’t overdo it.
What doesn’t work? Questions and pictures about my cat….I guess social media has got cat overload.
So what to Tweet?
Breaking news is always good to re-Tweet if the tweet is timely. I took this advice and re-Tweeted a Tweet about the September 12th fire which devastated Seaside Heights New Jersey. Being from New Jersey the news hit home, especially after seeing my fellow residents and in particular the Jersey Shore struggle over the last few months to rebuild after hurricane Sandy. Here is re-Tweet: Prayers for Seaside NJ tonight. To all the brave firefighters & emergency response- stay safe & thank u. #jerseystrongalways #seaside. 9 others re-Tweeted the same.


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