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With 43 million visitors in August alone LinkedIn has established itself as the informal recruitment social media platform and its’ all about business. Before this class I had a LinkedIn profile, even put up a picture and then I forgot about it, after all I am not seeking a new position.  I have changed my mind as to the purpose of LinkedIn after reading this week’s articles. I now see that LinkedIn can also be used as a networking tool and it needs maintenance just like Facebook and Twitter.

Armed with great advice from the seven articles from this week’s readings, I am going to revisit my LinkedIn profile to be sure I have got a few things covered. First I want to make sure everything on my profile is spell-checked, miss spelled words is one blunder that can get you passed over. Next remove the photos of my cat and husband as LinkedIn is not the place to be social. According to LinkedIn Career Expert Nicole Williams: No dog, no husband, no baby!” adding that your photo is meant to show you at your professional—not personal—best. On LinkedIn you are presenting the business side of yourself, so take it seriously.

Then I want to make sure I update my headline, having a great headline counts! If you are using the default LinkedIn headline, which most likely you are your headline will be listed as your current job position? Not awful but according to Lewis Howes we can do better. In order to make sure you headline doesn’t suck, Howes writes you should consider putting these three elements into the headline: Who you are, Who you help and How you can help them. That is a challenge and should take some thought. I suggest you review some other professional’s headlines in your area of expertise for ideas. Your headline should also be searchable, so be sure to include keywords that will help your profile stand out in the crowd. Your headline and entire LinkedIn profile should tell recruiters and colleagues that you mean business. Fill out your profile in its entirety and begin reaching out after you are sure your profile reflects what you want it to say.

As I said I am not in the market for a new job position and very much enjoy my current position as Senior Public Relations Representative with the USPS. I do however have several colleagues who are thinking of relocating and LinkedIn might just have an answer and at a higher pay scale. So I am advising my friends who are in the market to get LinkedIn.


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  1. Hi Darleen!

    I’m in a similar boat as you! I’m not in the market for a new job or career path and I’ve actually found it quite difficult to keep my LinkedIn profile update and accurate. I love the company that I for and really do not see myself leaving the inner workings of this place for quite some time. All of that, plus the fact that we have so many other social media outlets, have proved difficult for me in keeping on top of my LinkedIn profile. Throughout the week I’ve made a few updates, so maybe I’ll get into a habit now! 


    • Agreed, after reading this week’s lessons it seems as if LinkedIn is worth the investment in “time”. I am still working on updating my profile ..I found a spelling error, which I quickly updated. Will have to keep a closer eye on what I post. Thanks for reading my post….I will check out yours.


  2. Hi Darleen!

    I’m not in the market for a new job either, but seeing as how my company is about to start using LinkedIn for B2B marketing purposes, I’ve had to update my resume more regularly. I know that I have a picture, but I think I need a more professional headshot. I think just like a resume its important to update LinkedIn, because sometimes I forget some of the things I do. There is nothing about video editing on my LinkedIn. I spent pretty much all last week editing video. Maybe you would have know that if I had put it on my linked in. I think my By line should be… “Jill of All Trades” 🙂


  3. HI Darlene!

    Even if you’re not in the market for a new job, you can still use LinkedIn to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Not only can you use it to network and connect with colleagues and business partners, but you can recruit future employees as well. Think about it. If you’re talking to a colleague or even someone you meet at an event, they will look to see if you’re on LinkedIn to a) verify your credentials and b) connect with you. It’s like a virtual business card.


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