Doing Pinterest Right

Brands That Do A Great Job On Pinterest

Dunkin Donuts! I love the brand and donate money to their cause almost every day. In fact, it’s rare that I don’t donate money to the brand. It was also very easy to find their “official” Dunkin Donuts Pinterest page.

Extremely strong visuals, all I can say is simply mouth-watering. They also posted an offer which was one of the steps for success we learned during the lecture and not everything pertained to selling. Most of the posts were of the products or kooky and adorable ways to let the public know about them. Visiting the Dunkin Donuts “official” Pinterest site was a pleasure; I did not feel like I was being sold to, just happy that the brand I love is also lovable on Pinterest. Visiting them on Pinterest made by brand loyalty to Dunkin Donuts just as strong as ever, they had me at hello!

Love that Coffee!

Love that Coffee!









The photos are great, but I did not see any coupons, deals or freebies. Otherwise the photos are extremely inspiring; however this brand is pinteresting to me because I am already a fan.  Not sure if I would seek out their Pinterest board to see what’s new and hot. In fact if you search in “Pinterest” you do not land to their actual page. I had to go to Google search in order to find their web site and then click on their Pinterest plug-in. That makes it hard for their potential followers, but once you find them NY & Company delivers.

Love that Red
Love that Red

A plethora of “foodie” information and recipes with gorgeous pictures! Great job, plus there is a plug-in on Rachel Ray’s website that can be clicked to take you right to her Pinterest page. Viewing Rachel’s Pinterest page this way you avoid all the other sites that attempt to be the “official” Rachel Ray Pinterest page when they are clearly not. I could easily have spent hours on Rachel Rays’ Pinterest site; I clicked through on many, many of the recipes.


Love that Girl!


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