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As hard as I try reaching social media viriality or even coming close, so far I have not had much success. So what is the Key? I reviewed several excellent articles recently that provided some really valuable tips and even roadmaps on how to create content for viriality. Here are few of the most valuable strategies to follow for anyone who wants to be among those who have gone viral.

Let’s face it, our goal is to have our content spread across as many digital platforms we can reach, however, if we don’t have share buttons before and even after each post how can anyone share our posts. So basic number #1 is use share buttons.

We also need to consider if what we are posting is practical and can the people who are following us or reading our blogs or posts can actually use the content we are posting. We also should plan posts for consistency and quality. That way we can build relationships and a community that will be more willing to share our content.

Each time we post content presents an opportunity to reach virality so think about these strategies as well. To get contagious, we must be positive and try to evoke high emotions of the people who are reading our material. What about offering uplifting content? Let’s try and inspire people who are reading our content for the short time that we have their attention. Sad to say, we all know there are lots of very unhappy people out there; perhaps we may even be counted as one of them, from time to time. I have shared plenty of inspirational content many times; it makes me feel good to share it. And if I am the one who posted the content and it gets shared, it makes me feel great. Remember any content we post affords us the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

Are we getting emotional? Think about if our content is engaging our readers with Awe, Anger, Anxiety or even fear of loss? How about surprise, joy or lust, all emotions that can create high arousal. All 6 articles touted the importance of the importance of capturing the attention and engaging our followers with emotion as quickly as possible. Carson Ward tells us that anger wins the award as the most viral emotion and when you pair that with a controversial topic you have a recipe for viral success.

Kelsey Libert also shares her secret recipe for creating viral as to create something viral; our content must have the ability to spread in a way that creates massive attention. Content that will boost you above the writhing masses.

We also need to consider how shareable is our content, have we included a title the will pique the interest of the readers, and get them to click-through to see what we have got to say. Think about your total available market and remember that the viral cycle last only about 1-2 days. So if you don’t get the reaction you are looking for move on and try again.

With all these great tips from the 6 authors in this week’s readings we’ve got lots of great advice to get started. I myself tried humor and emotion in my social media posts with some very encouraging results. The difference in this week’s posts and posts of social media past was this week posts had a purpose.


All Purpose Posting

All Purpose Posting

Time to think about going Viral:

Do your social media posts have a purpose?

What emotions have you tried to evoke from your followers?

Have you ever tried to evoke anger in your followers and if so what was the subject of the content?


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  1. Hi Darleen,
    I have to say that sometimes my social media posts are just there to share articles and get my name out there. I have done different things such as sharing my own posts through my business Facebook to connect through my personal Facebook so that both receive the share and possible feedback while getting my name and my business name out.
    I have definitely tried to evoke emotions in my readers, but more from sharing something that was inspiring or interesting than anything else. I really try to stay away from anger and controversy, not that it is a bad thing, but just that I want to keep away from it in general. I don’t like when people get into arguments on social media, it seems fairly pointless, so I don’t want to feed into that on my own pages. Great post!


    • Thanks for reading Amanda. I stay away from anger as well, but I am not opposed to posting something controversial. I guess it a depends on the subject matter. Social media is a lot more than just posting pictures, we really need a strategy.I am going to check out your post right now.


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