USPS Public Relations Professional Passing on Valuable SEO Tips!












Simple and smart tips provided by Dan Simon contributor at team Cognito are worth sharing.

1. Content: Write good content that is updated regularly. An obvious yet basic quality control issue.
2. Showcase coverage: Add a Newsroom to store updated content.
3. Keywords: Use tools such as Google Analytics to see which keyword phases result in the most goal conversations.
4. Phrases: Select a niche hey phrase with lower competition. Use this free site to find your niche
5. Keyword Ratio: Use your Keywords Wisely.
6. Text Styling: Use bullet points, bold or italicized words.
7. Images: Use keywords in the title and the tag of the images you include.
8. Video Tags: Tag videos with the proper keywords to rank higher.
9. Hyperlinks: Hyperlink phrased that contain your keywords.
10. Analytics: Conduct regular Analysis via Google Analytics or other search engines that can help you analyze your data.

Search Engine Optimization takes planning and thought. As I said in my earlier blog posts we must learn to “Post on Purpose.”

What does posting on Purpose (POP) require of us? POP includes ensuring we are using quality content, keywords and niche phrases, images and videos with titles. We can also re-purpose content by converting it into a Slideshare presentation. Slideshare can be used with a PowerPoint deck it could simply be a document, yet the best part is that Google indexes the content within seconds. Making you and your content more searchable!

Images: we all know we should include images but we must remember to include a good titles and tags on images or videos we post. Keywords used on tags or titles will make our total content more searchable. We can all start with our profile photo. Do you have a title under your photo? If you don’t you are missing a searchable moment which could mean more traffic to your site.



Challenge: Take a blog post and convert it into a slideshare presentation and upload it to slideshare. Is your content searchable?

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  1. I had never heard of Slideshare before this week’s readings, but it is definitely a tool that I am going to try to incorporate because it is a different way to share content and is instantly indexed by Google.


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