The U.S. Postal Service and its Relevance to College Students

Surveys are Fun!

Help a fellow #UFStudent by taking this survey.

Okay, so you may be saying to yourself, enough already with the Postal Service. Yet honestly when I read we were to create a survey in my Web research methods class I thought “Great, what a perfect way to find out the relevancy of the US Postal Service to college students.”

A survey is the perfect way to gather data from a specific age groups, (college students) which is a group the US Postal Service does not seek out or target. I want to know how the college students of Florida University enrolled in social media studies views the importance of the US mail and how often they use it.

Our task was to use one of three survey services, OpinionLab, Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey to create a survey. I chose SurveyMonkey because I had heard all positive comments about the service before and it’s used by the USPS to varying degrees. I thought this a perfect opportunity to familiarize myself with the service.

So let me apologize ahead of time to my fellow students as I write about the USPS all the time and yes, all of my survey questions pertain to the Postal Service. You must understand that working for the USPS is more than a job it’s a way of life. Therefore choosing the USPS as my subject matter makes perfect sense as I swim in the fishbowl known as the USPS Ocean. Often times my only interactions are with other USPS fish big and small and reporters who are interested in the mailing and shipping industry.

So I want to know from folks other than the usual subjects on how they view the postal service and respectfully ask that anyone reading this blog post take the time to take the  survey by clicking here

Looking forward to getting some results, hopefully they will be positive, but even if they are not I still would love to know what my fellow students at the University of Florida think of the US Postal Service.

My next post will discuss the results….but I need you to take the survey to accomplish that task.

Thanks #UFStudents!


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  1. Survey Monkey will not let me in.


  2. Hi Darleen,

    No need to apologize for the recurring USPS theme, it’s what you do so it makes sense! When I clicked on your link for the survey, it just directed me to SurveyMonkey and not to your actual questionnaire, so I hope that’s just an issue on my end and doesn’t affect your results. I thought it was interesting you chose to target graduate students with your survey, since I’m assuming that’s not the group that the USPS usually markets to. I’m fairly apathetic toward the USPS, so it will be interesting to see if our fellow classmates have more of an opinion than I do! I know you said you wanted to learn what our classmates thought about the USPS, but were there any more specific answers you were hoping to learn from your survey? I hope the responses come back positively for you!



      Hi Lauren:

      Thanks for reading my blog and you are not the only person who had trouble opening the link. Please try the link above or try the body of the blog for an updated link. I am pretty sure I have it fixed now.

      The reason i asked these specific questions was simply this: I was wondering how relevant the USPS is to college students. For many reasons, the first would be work related. I wanted to know if the USPS is missing out on potential revenue by not targeting a group of the public that may want to use us. Or perhaps college students simply don’t care about the USPS. So far I have 8 responses and I have been surprised that most of those who responded think the USPS is important. I love that!

      Also wanted to know if I was boring the group by always staying on the same subject.

      I will check out your survey, can’t wait to see what it’s about.


  3. Hi Darleen great survey. I will let you know, you should probably throw out my survey responses since I know way too much about the USPS, I handle postal legislative policy for my job. In order to learn a little more about the USPS, I visited the Postal museum in Washington, DC (where I currently live). It’s really a forgotten gem of all the Smithsonian museums.

    I think your survey is very timely, as there is constant discussion of the USPS losing money and possible cuts to service days. Being so close to the holiday, I am curious to see the responses for how often respondents have mailed a letter, I know I sent holiday cards last month! Postal service issues don’t receive the credit they deserve, so I am happy to see you conduct this survey; especially given that the Postal Service is enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, I think a lot of people forget that!

    P.S. Tricky question regarding the price of postage stamps, as the price increased today!


  4. yes, ha-ha! You caught that…the price of stamps just went up. Since you are familiar with postal legislation you also know that we have been mandated to repeal or give back the price increase in two years. That is a new mandate for us as we have never been asked to repeal a rate increase. There is a bill that goes before a branch of the senate tomorrow to discusses the state of the USPS.

    Yes we are mandated Congress to provide universal mail service and I can proudly say we continue to do just that. The general public also is not aware that the USPS is a self supporting government agency that receives Zero tax dollars for our operations.

    I am glad you are a supporter of the USPS and use the mail. Thank you for that.

    I am in DC at least once a month!


  5. Hello Darleen! It’s good that you want to find out more about how people feel with your employer. It’s great because you can also use what you learn in class at your job. Plus, we are learning a bit about the US Postal Service, so no need to apologize!
    Actually, today your name came through my mind. I went to a small private post office to send a letter (which I rarely do). The cost was $3.85 and I wanted to pay with my ATM card, but the minimum was $5.00, so I decided to purchase stamps (to give to my mom because I never use them). When I was told that the cost of the stamps increased yesterday, I almost collapsed! I was not aware that the cost is almost $.50! I guess with the increased use of the Internet to pay bills and send letters, among others, the US Postal Service has suffered a little. Here, in Puerto Rico, I think a couple of months ago they decided to close all or most US Postal Service offices on Saturdays. Finally, I had to cheat to find the name of the Postmaster General!
    I have a question: do you consider smaller, privately owned postal service offices part of the US Postal Service in your survey?


    • No I was thinking brick and mortar post offices owned by the USPS. Smaller privately owned Post Offices are part of our larger Approved Postal Provider network and very much valued by the USPS and our customers to provide service. The survey was specific to the local post office.

      I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico about 5 years ago, what a lovely place. My Husband was there for awhile. My perk was to get to visit him there.

      I was in San Juan and Fajardo, the water, simply breathtaking. Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to respond.


  6. Hi Darlene,

    Like Lauren said, there is no need to apologize for using the USPS as the subject of your questionnaire. I don’t get tired of someone who obviously enjoys their job and wants to learn more about it.

    I enjoyed taking your survey and am looking forward to seeing the results. I did not look up who the postmaster general was, instead choosing to leave that blank. I also remembered postage was increasing, but couldn’t recall the new price, so I guessed. I wondered about perhaps including, “I don’t know” as possible answer choices, or were you wanting people to guess? Either way, I think you’ll get some valuable data about what information people know! Good luck!


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