Want to take a peek in America’s closet? There is an app for that.

Red gloves a girls best friend.

Who could not use a pair of red gloves?

I chose to download the mobile app “Poshmark”. Why?, for the simple reason that the U.S. Postal Service recently signed a Negotiated Service Agreement with the women’s fashion mobile e-tailer. Not ready to announce the details I will say that the USPS is excited about this innovative shipping solution soon to be made available.

So what is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a mobile fashion marketplace built around real-time social experiences. Posh Parties are themed, real-time shopping events where people gather to shop, share, and sell fashion right from their phones. Poshmark promotes the app as a vibrant community of fashion lovers brought together to share individual style, turning every closet into a unique shopping experience.

In other words they are a closet e-tailer. The app is marketed toward women but I supposed anyone could register. So, you all know by now that I don’t have a SmartPhone so I had to borrow my spouses in order to complete the project. The app is free for iPhone, iPad, or Android, however currently is not available for Blackberry. In addition if you don’t have a Smartphone items can be bought and sold from the Poshmark website at www.poshmark.com.

I had no problem at all finding the app and downloading it. It took only a few minutes to register, which included providing my name, shoe size, dress size, downloading a photo and creating a password. Pretty much standard practice for registering for any app.

On Poshmark one can buy or sell fashion items new or used. I was easily able to search for specific items of clothing by category and quickly found a pair of red gloves and designer sunglasses which I purchased with a touch of a button. Another easy to use feature is Poshmark Showrooms: Showrooms are like RSS feeds, featuring a collection of fashion items from the entire Poshmark community. The Showrooms change every day so there is always new merchandise to see.

Selling on Poshmark is slightly more complicated, but not hard to do. To sell a fashion item or create what Poshmark calls a listing, you click on the “sell” button which is a camera icon, take photos of the item you wish to sell, fill in the required information (description, price, size etc.) and you are ready to sell. So what is in it for Poshmark?  They deduct a 20% commission fee from the sale price of your fashion item. The seller keeps 80% of the sale price just like an on-line consignments shop. In fact just like a consignment shop except this one can be found on your phone.

I purchased two items on Saturday, Feb 15th and I am expecting delivery this week. If the seller’s used Priority Mail to ship the fashion items I should receive the boxes today! Sorry, another plug for Priority Mail—can’t help it.  When the items arrive and if the quality meets with the product description I can accept the shipment by going back onto the Poshmark app and accept. When I accept the goods payment is routed to the seller. The seller retrieves the payment from the Poshmark as well.

Red Sunglasses Just Right!

I wear my red sunglasses at night.

Conclusion: The Poshmark app was very easy to use and I found it fun and interesting to page through the thousands of choices of both new and used items to purchase. Although don’t think I would use this app to purchase work clothes, such as business suits it does seem like an affordable way to purchase used high-end fashion items like handbags. I plan on using the app on the train when traveling to and from NYC and DC. I think it will be a great way to search for fashion trends and perhaps snatch up a bargain.

When the boxes arrive I will let those interested in knowing about the quality.


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  1. Hi Darleen, I had recently downloaded Poshmark also but have yet to buy or sell on there. After reading your review, I might have to! I’ve been using eBay to sell some old clothes of mine, but have had a lot of problems recently with it and in dealing with buyers. Even though Poshmark takes a higher commission percentage than eBay, it might be worth it to have them mediate more between buyers and sellers. Hopefully you like your items!


    • According to Poshmark they has 1.5 million transactions in 2013, so there are people definitely going onto the app to shop for clothes. All they sell is fashion so the items you are trying to sell will not end up on the electric mixer page. We also know someone trying to buy an electric mixer is not on Poshmark. Give a try, I would be interested is hearing about your experience as a seller on Poshmark.


  2. Well this sounds dangerous for my wallet! I think this is a very interesting app. I have TONS of clothes that I do not wear anymore just sitting in my closet. I used to live in Florida and the only types of clothes that I needed were flip flops and shorts. Since moving to Boston, my wardrobe changes every three months. New seasonal styles come in and I just HAVE to get them. I have accumulated quite a bit of clothes from some great stores, and I would like to sell them since I haven’t gotten around to wearing most of them all that much. I have been looking for a site to sell them online and this seems like the perfect fit! This app also seems like a great way to find deals. You described the process to be pretty simple. My finance will be leaving town this weekend and I plan to spend my Saturday on this app selling my clothes! Thanks for a great post!


  3. Poshmark is the perfect place to sell your fashion items, so as long as you stick to just the selling and not the buying your wallet should survive the weekend. The process was very simple and to sell all you have to do is take a photo, add a description and your item is up for sale. Good luck and thanks for reading my post.


  4. Darleen,
    I had never heard about Poshmark before, but after reading your post I decided to check it out. I like how it had a look similar to Pinterest that is driven by visuals and easy to scroll through. I’m sure I will get myself into trouble if I keep checking out the site, but I will be sharing it with several of my friends who have been using ebay to buy/sell clothing items and have had some really negative experiences.


  5. That is so great! This is definitely the place to buy or sell clothes. Agreed great visuals and easy to navigate around. Poshmark also host Poshparties were certain catagories of fashion are featured. Since I dont really like to go shopping, actually go to a store, posh is goingt to work out well for me. Thanks for reading my post.


  6. Thank you for the article! I think you should mention Vinted app too http://www.vinted.com/ they are very similar, but I can find more trendy clothes on Vinted 🙂 P.S. I really love poshmark too 🙂


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