Give Your Start a Kick! Its easier than you think with Kickstarter. lists over 2000 crowd fueled websites where one can get help with just about anything from labor to money to creatively. This week I took a closer look at the phenomenon known as crowdfunding a name which means exactly what one would expect. Monetary funding, (cash) from a crowd to begin “projects”, large and small. The term project could be associated with anything from art endeavors such as theater, films, books and photography to monetary support for a new invention.

Kickstarter is one such crowdfunding platform which according to their website, has earned more funding than all other crowdfunding sites combined. Kickstarter advertises themselves as a vibrant ecosystem where backers join creators to bring new things to life. To date over 1 billion dollars has been pledged to projects on Kickstarter. On their home page Kickstarter boasts, 5.7 million people have funded a Kickstarter project, while 1.7 million have funded more than 1 project. Very impressive statistics, for any entrepreneur that needs dough to get their project off the ground.

So what is in it for Kickstarter?

Kickstarter collects a 5% fee from a projects total funding if the project is successful. I.e. acquiring all the funds posted on their project outline. If the project does not reach 100% funding no fees are collected by the site. Anyone can post a project to Kickstarter, simply by filling out information about their project including what the project is, how much money is being asked for and how the money will be used. Kickstarter suggests all projects post a video that explains what their project / product / invention /idea is all about. They claim projects with videos have a 50% higher success rate versus a 30% success rate for projects that do not.

So searching around the hundreds and hundreds of projects only a few caught my attention. One project was an E-paper watch compatible with the Iphone and Android dubbed “pebbles”. It’s a watch that runs apps such as music and exercise apps that is displayed on the watch face. With a pebbles, you can also control electronic devices from the watch face. The inventor claims it’s easy to build new apps that can be loaded onto the watch. Pebbles will be available in three colors currently and donors can vote on the fourth color. It seemed interesting and possibly could be a hit in the marketplace.

After reviewing the pebbles project which is 100% funded, I clicked on a film project based in New York City. The film maker, Pat Hartley is requesting funding to complete a short film that will shine a light on the dark side of love entitled “Domestic Victories.” To keep costs to a minimum, Hartley plans to shoot the films entirely on an iPhone on location in New York City and edit her work on Final Cut at Apple 5th Avenue. The following statistics on her project page caught my attention:

Nobody gets dressed up to be abused –Yet most women are killed by someone they love.

Nobody goes to college to get attacked –Yet one in five female students is violated on campus. 

Nobody wakes up hoping to be harmed –Yet, in the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds.

So far Hartley, has donations in the amount of $250 but she needs $2,500 by April 29, 2014. One can pledge as little as $10 dollars and as much as $100 dollars. This project seems like a worthy cause and well worth funding. I hope Ms. Hartley achieves her funding goal.



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  1. Maureen Marion

    Interesting. What is the 296 for the title mean?


  2. Hi Darleen,

    I didn’t notice that KickStarter collects a 5 percent fee if the project is successful, but it makes sense…everyone needs to get paid! I also mentioned that I wouldn’t feel comfortable donating money to any of the singing projects without seeing a video in my post. I want to know if the person can actually sing before I give them any money!


    • Yes, because, if “I” were seeking funding for my singing career you would be wasting your money. I like the idea of the videos. The videos really help the potential fundee to understand what the project is about.

      Who are these people? I would love to be one of them someday!


  3. Great post- I really thought that Kickstarter was a really cool concept and website. I like that the project has to be funded 100% in order for to work. That puts a sense of urgency behind people actually funding projects. I also like that because Kickstarter can’t get the 5% unless the project is fully funded. I think the rules are fair and attractive to people who want to get their projects on Kickstarter. I like the two projects that you picked out. I think they are very cool. The film project caught my attention. She really seems passionate about the cause since she seems to be using the most basic means to create the film. I hope she gets it funded- I would be interested in watching it.


    • Interesting and important. Those statistics are pretty scary! Most women are killed by someone they love!!! I have also read that woman are more likely to be killed when they are pregnant. I also am passionate about the subject of violence against women in the US and abroad.

      I agree with you let’s hope the Hartley gets her funding, I have been talking the project up to anyone who will listen.

      Thanks for reading, Casey!


  4. Darleen,
    Searching through Kickstarter can be overwhelming because the are so many projects seeking backers, but I was also inspired by all the creativity that I was seeing. I really like the all or nothing funding policy with Kickstarter because it can serve as a motivator for the people who posted the project and for the backer as well. If I feel passionately enough about a project to pledge money I’m going to share it on social media because I’m going to want to see the project happen.


    • Emily:

      If I had a project that needed backing Kickstarter would be one of the first platforms I would consider going for support. Who knew that there were millions of people out there just waiting to help. According to what I read there are millions of dollars and millions of people just out there with pocketbooks open. That is pretty amazing!

      Since delving into Kickstarter I shared the information with several friends.

      Thanks for reading.


  5. Hey Darleen,
    I agree with Casey that the rules to funding are fair (that Kickstarter doesn’t get paid unless the project is 100% funded). It’s not like a person cannot try again if they didn’t get funding the first time. If their campaign was not successful, perhaps they need to try asking for less money, make their pitch more creative or make the rewards more enticing. Also, asking friends to share a campaign on social media can help a person get more “eyes” on their pitch — and perhaps bring in more dollars.


  6. Yes, the way Kickstarter collects fee’s seems quite fair. I did not investigate fee’s for the other Crowdfunding sites, but I read there are over 2000 out there. I wonder if they all charge fee’s? I suppose they must unless they are in business to just give money away. It’s nice to know that websites like this exist. Another wonderful thing about social media.

    Thank you for reading my post!


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