America Runs on Dunkin’

Home Page of Dunkin' Donuts Website

The Dunkin’ Donuts website is a flawless example of a “pull” marketing strategy that could serve as an Industry standard for any Company. The includes vivid images of their drinks and food items that look delicious enough to eat! The website features new products, draws customers in with contests and includes links to everything “DD” Their site incorporates additional pull elements right on the home page by including two moving carousels that catch the eye and further encourage to take action and click.

The Dunkin’ website can be viewed in both English and Spanish, one can enter sweepstakes to win a free trip to Liverpool, click onto their social media sites, read their blog, find the store closest to your current locations, all in the Dunkin’ Donuts familiar brand color scheme.
The moving carousel images caught my eye and was the first section that had me clicking.

This is the area of the Dunkin’ website that highlights their commercials. At the bottom left one can view all the latest Dunkin’ commercials incorporating both the push and pull method together. The featured commercial advertises their newest frozen drink the “Arnold Palmer” frozen Coolatta and the commercial has already received 5,422 views on the Dunkin’ Donuts YouTube page.

Arnold Palmer Frozen Coolatta!

Arnold Palmer Frozen Coolatta!

After I viewed the commercial, I was drawn back to the top banner area to take a closer look at the Arnold Palmer Frozen Coolatta, one of two featured images of new product offerings. In this area of the website I discovered what the concoction’s ingredients are and the promotion price. I was also compelled to linger a while and learn about the new grilled flat bread chicken sandwich. Yummy!

Chicken Sandwich from DD


Social Media

Social Media sharing button are easily found and clickable, with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube prominently displayed on the right, middle of the home page. One can easily view the most recent Tweets without actually leaving the website.

Tweeting Dunkin

Tweets of Dunkin Fans

On the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook page one can take a chance to become “fan of the week” by sharing a personal story about your love of Dunkin’ and your photo using the hashtag #myDunkin. If you are chosen as the fan of the week, your photo will be featured in Times Square on the jumbo-tron and on the DD Facebook page. We know that customers visiting the Dunkin’ Donuts website are already fans, however, I will argue that even a non-fan will be dazzled and entertained by the content. The Dunkin’ Donuts webpage contains a plethora of information, images and experiences related to all things DD.

Dunkin Donuts Facebook page

The Blog

Behind the Beans.jpg

As far as fresh content?

The Dunkin’ website features a link to their blog, Behind the Beans right in the middle of the home page (See light blue arrow). Content is posted every couple of days. Blog stories about the brand, promotions, discounts and recipes abound. The social sharing buttons are easily accessible and by the looks of it Dunkin’ Donut lovers are indeed consuming and sharing content. The most recent post, was a whimsical recap of seven donuts from around the world entitled “SPOTTED: 7 Dunkin’ Donut WonDDers of the WorlDD.” Prior to that readers were treated to “Thanks a Million! DD Perks Reaches 1,000,000 Members!” which touts the DD Perks®, program designed to reward guests with points toward free Dunkin’ Donuts beverages for every qualifying purchase made at participating locations. That post announced the program had surpassed one million members in just a few months!


Mobile Applications

Do Dunkin on Your Smartphone

Do Dunkin on Your Smartphone


In 2012, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its first-ever mobile application for payment and gifting for iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones. In May 2013, Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile® App launched a new language setting that enables users to view content in English or Spanish. The APP available at The Apple App store and Google Play offers a host of easy and convenient ways to interact with the brand. You can view your points, find a store and if you are a member of the DD club, you will receive coupons and offers exclusive to DD club members. Dunkin’ app users you can even pay for their purchase right from their Smartphone using the App.       For fans, visiting the Dunkin’ Donuts webpage is like a visit to Dunkin’ Donut heaven! Even the ribbon at the top of the website is interactive! With a click of your mouse one can find information about the menu items, find Dunkin’ stores, shop for Dunkin’ merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, coffee and tea gift sets.

The ribbon also includes a DD tab where one can buy and register DD gift cards, as well as download the mobile app. By clicking on the last tab one can register for the DD perks reward program. At the bottom of the website there are several more buckets of information. The “For Our Fans” section includes links to DD Perks, Manage Card, Get our Newsletter and Download the DD Mobile app. Also at the bottom there is a “Quick Links” section that includes a contact us section, store locator, nutrition catalog, DDSmart where one can learn about menu items that are less than 400 calories and view the real-time live Times Square Webcam.

More website features at the bottom mirror content on the web page, to include social sharing buttons and click to shop. The final two tabs provides information about the company, job and franchise opportunities and an overview of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. There is a press room and information on the Dunkin’ global presence, contest and promo’s, corporate responsibility and the Dunkin’ foundation.

I really could not think of anything the Dunkin’ Donuts web could improve upon. Except for perhaps upgrading the Blog for multilingual functionality. Yet, I am sure the Dunkin’ webmasters are already working on it. This website has all the elements of pull marketing, some push marketing and is a perfect example of a company owning their website and using it to make their brand shine.



DD Iconic–Icons



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