As part of an assignment for MMC 5006 Introduction to Multimedia Communications

I was tasked with reviewing  of North America, a trade show for beauty industry professionals. The event is focused in particular on the distributors, OTC’s, manufacturers and buyers of the beauty professional and retail stores. Reviewing the website, one can see Cosmopro is employing social media to include Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. One can easily subscribe to their newsletter. The website features numerous videos that can be clicked on to find out more information on a product, service or specific beauty guru! This making Cosmoprof a haven for beauty lovers who are interested in finding out what’s new and what’s state of the art in the world of beauty. As a first time visitor to the website I found the video posts to be most intriguing, first because I had no idea what Cosmoprof was, and second because I found what they are selling to be most interesting.

Conference Highlights

First I clicked on the CPNA 2014 Highlights video to see what the conference is all about.A strategy I employ when going into territories unknown, I like to view videos first to see what the site is all about. This brought me the bottom of the page where I began clicking on the social sharing buttons with the intent to see more video. I first landed on the Cosmopro Facebook, with the first post featuring Chan’s video where she provides a recap of the products she found at the conference to be of interest to her. Chan is a regular fixture and trusted entertainment reporter at red carpet parties, events and fashion shows, Jennifer is a pro at painting the town red and mingling with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, industry VIPs and stylish insiders. Making her the perfect attendee and spokesperson at this event. One product in particular she liked was “Crack” An odd name for a product that can help smooth and detangle unruly hair, tame curls and harness the beauty of both types of hair. As a regular sufferer of bushy hair, the product sounds like something that could work for me.

Also from Facebook I watched a video dated July 14th , Beauty’s video informed me about some great beauty must-haves!— like Sero-Vital an anti-aging wrinkle treatment product that touts “you can turn back the hands of time.—and is an anti-aging breakthrough.” Leading up to the event the Cosmopro Facebook page included various posts from 3 days, 3 weeks out to a few months out. By the end of the event, the Facebook page has 5,139 likes, pretty impressive for an event targeted at small group. The Facebook page also included a post by “The New Agency’s”, founder Erick Brownstein, his online video discusses ways to promote your brand, (in this case, cosmetics) talks about on-line video, on-line marketing and websites as a way to reach customers, Strike Social, Spring Box, or Bamboo!

The Cosmopro Twitter page did very well with 2,492 tweets, 2,726 followers, and 269 videos. Pinterest was also booming with activity on 7 boards to include: Spotlights, Discover Beauty, Affiliates, CPNA New flash, Videos, Styles We Love and Beauty Event. The Pinterest page was extremely engaging and I found myself spending at least an hour clicking around and viewing the new products and wonderful photos. Missing Social Media Elements There was no “search” option on the Cosmopro website, therefore one would have to hunt and peck, for what you were searching for.

Two disappointing Social Media sites that were associated with Cosmopro were the Instagram page and the LinkedIn page. In order to participate in the LinkedIn page one would have to join as a member, therefore it’s a closed group. That works well for the group but not so much for a student who wants to see what is going on. I also did not care for the

Instagram account…when I clicked on the social sharing bottom I was taken to the Websta Instagram viewer, a site I am not familiar with nor did I find the landing spot to be particularly engaging, interesting, or user friendly.

Worth mentioning

  • There were at least 10 press releases leading up to the 2014 Cosmopro conference and event.
  • Attendees were offered an opportunity to win a Mini-Cooper.
  • Michael Bolton sang at one of the events.
  • Pam Anderson was a celebrity who attended the event. Branding?

Not completely consistent. The branding was consistent across the Cosmoprof website, Facebook and Twitter with the use of a beautiful woman dressed in blue apparel, as if she were an angel. However, I did not see the Cosmopro angle presence on Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, just a graphic to a lesser extent. However it should be noted that the Cosmopro’s Linkedin page has 2,426 members, proof that it’s not just about a fancy graphic.

What stood out for me was the image of the angel. She is very beautiful and can easily be associated with the beauty business. Hashtags are being used by just about every sponsor and they are free to promote their product how they choose. Some of the more noteworthy sponsors give presentations where attendees would have to pay to attend.

An excellent attempt at promoting the event to include social media in the overall IMC! Could it have been better? Of course, we could all get better at incorporateding social media into our marketing strategies, yet this, is a very, very professional, achievement.

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