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Summer 2014 Introduction to Multimedia Communications

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at the University of Florida

Big Ideas & Bold Confidence

Grown at The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation





The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at the University of Florida (UF) is one of the first specialized entrepreneurship degree programs of its kind. CEI offers the nation’s most comprehensive specialized master’s degree focused on entrepreneurship, with the Thomas S. Johnson Program. In one year students will earn a Master’s of Science Degree with a major in entrepreneurship. Students will learn entrepreneurial theory and practice which they can apply to real-life, real-time consulting for a small business, or for the creation of their own.

The center also offers a Veterans Entrepreneur Program (VEP) a college entrepreneurship program that mirrors the master’s program designed to help disabled veterans. VEP is intended for veterans interested in starting a new venture as a means to financial independence and for veterans who have an existing business for which they would like to increase profits.

Students attending either program will learn to think and approach challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset and learn how to channel that energy for success!

Target Audience

Budding entrepreneurs or individuals seeking to improve the business they currently own or work at, using an “entrepreneurial approach”. Students currently attending the University of Florida or another university who seek something other than a traditional degree program. Students and individuals who have decided that entrepreneurship is the path they wish to follow.



The strength of the program, first and foremost is that it is part of the University of Florida, which in 2013, was designated as the 14th best public university in the United States by News & World Report.


A unique and innovative program–The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at the Warrington College of Business Administration, at the University of Florida offers the nation’s most comprehensive specialized degree program in entrepreneurship.

The greatest strength for VEP is that it is free for Veterans who are selected for the program! Costs are underwritten by the sponsors and private donors with operation and program development provided by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the University of Florida.

Value Proposition to Potential Students: In addition to an excellent education, from graduation day on students will be ready to start their own business.

The Prestige of a MSE degree from the University of Florida.

GatorNest: GatorNest, students are able to engage their analytical and creative skills and apply them in unscripted situations, ultimately enhancing the learning process while creating value-added solutions to problems facing early-stage ventures.

Map Your Start Up APP:  App that allows students to see other student’s entrepreneur endeavors. The App solidifies results of the program.

Tuition Assistance: The program partners with other in-state and certain southeastern colleges to help offset the cost of tuition.

University of Florida has student financial programs open to all students


The school is going to be launching on-line classes in the spring of 2015, presenting an excellent opportunity to open up the program to students everywhere.

There is plenty of room to grow the social media presence of the program from its current state to one that will greatly improve its Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Branding of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

There are some basic questions that must be asked and answered in order to define the “brand” of “The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.” Taking a cue from Forbes contributor Kate Kiefer Lee, from her 2012 article describing how to define a brands voice will be the first important step we take to connect with potential students.

I suggest we begin there, by asking basic questions regarding the “brand” of the center. Once we identify the answers we can use the findings as the basis for creating content which can be repurposed and used across all social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

Specific Recommendations for CEI’s New & Improved IMC Approach

Clear the Fog — There needs to be a clearer delineation between the school and the program offerings. The logo being used by Warrington is too similar to the WordPress logo and I suggest it be re-branded or updated. I am suggesting the tag line “Big Ideas & Bold Confidence” be utilized throughout all promotional materials and across all social media platforms.

An Investment

Much more attention and man-hours needs to be invested to grow your on-line community. Currently across all existing social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and the Blog the program is falling short.

Here is a simple solution: Implement a three-month intern type rotation of UF students who are enrolled in the social media master’s program to work as social media managers. The students will gain real-life experience for their resumes, while the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will gain consistent content and professional quality engagement without the costs associated with hiring a seasoned social media company. Employ at least three social media students per rotation in order to improve content and gain consistency.

Expand social media platforms to include LinkedIn, Pinterest and Goggle+. Incorporate a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to plan content more uniformly. Use Hootsuite Analytics to identify top performing content, best time of day to post, demographics, etc. Test new content across all social media platforms. Mix new “test” content amongst uniform, generic informational posts. Include Infographics, polls, calls to action and contests.

Finally as much as possible the school needs to be as mobile user-friendly as possible. Therefore any content that can be mobilized should be.




Data Driven Strategies for Increasing Engagement

This post as with most of the content on (DarleenLove4Learning) is for the purposes of fulfilling a college assignment.


The ABC Company, based in Central Florida is a health-oriented business that is very much engaged with social media, along with a Facebook page, ABC has a Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube Channel. ABC sends out a bi-weekly e-newsletter and utilizes an email marketing service for its distribution. Like any company ABC wants to increase business and reach more customers. As a social media consultant I have been hired to help them analyze their social media efforts. My scope of work will include a review of ABC’s Facebook Analytics along with the results of an email e-newsletter distribution. Based on that data I will make recommendations on how ABC should move forward with a total IMC plan for more engagement.

The two data sources include ABC’s Facebook Analytics and ABC’s Bronto results from an email newsletter sent out on May 21, 2013.

How to Use the Data

Facebook Insights allows businesses and marketers a snap shot into the how well their content is working, who is looking at it, where they are located, even how old they are. Using this data a social media manager can identify areas of improvement and pinpoint what content is driving engagement.

Engagement data can be harvested from many other sources one being, email marketing sites such as Bronto. Bronto provides statistics on how your customers engaged with your latest email blast or email campaign. Most email marketing sites provide reporting as part of the total service package. There are many email marketing firms available and for those interested in going that route as part of an overall marketing mix, I have included reviews of the top ten email marketing firms.

Great Facebook Possibilities—For ABC


Between the period of May 7th and June 2nd ABC had 880 likes, up 0.69%, there also was a total possible reach, based on these likes of 340,325 friends of fans, giving ABC the ability to reach a much larger audience.

During this period ABC was posting at least once a day and on some days they posted more than once. The post with the highest engagement was regarding a Group Fit event that reached 509, engaged 13 and had 4 people talking about it. This post went viral at a rate of 1.96%!

ABC’s June 2nd post enjoyed an even higher virality rate of 4.29%, this post recognized National Cancer Survivors Day occurs on that date. This is an excellent example of the type of content their community is looking for and content that is relevant to friends and fans of more than just immediate followers.

Overall people talking about ABC is down by a little over 50% drawing me to the conclusion that content should target a larger community interested in health and wellness. Content that would entice the community to share with family, friends and fans in an effort to reach that larger population of 340,325.

Demographics Worth Noting



The ABC community is 60.3% female between the ages of 25 to 34. However we don’t want to overlook the male population which is represented by a little over 38%. The majority of ABC’s followers are from Orlando Florida or the state of Florida who speak English. Spanish is the next language present amongst the community therefore it may be worth considering posting content in both languages to test its engagement.

Organic reach from the community appears flat no matter how you look at it. But page views are all over the place, lots of dips and spikes. The only way to describe it is inconsistent. So I recommend ABC takes a closer look at the content that caused the peaks and recreate and retool similar content with more consistency. Perhaps using Hootsuite for scheduling although it’s not clear if they are using a dashboard tool to post content or not.

My recommendation for ABC’s Social Media efforts include the following:

Include Social Sharing buttons wherever possible.

Create a content calendar at least thirty days out.

Include relative health related special days or memorials to engage organic community and reach fans and friends.

Repurpose Facebook content across Twitter and Pinterest.

Repurpose YouTube videos on Facebook to include links or bitly links on Twitter.

Use more images, by the content of the posts listed it does not appear that ABC is using images. Therefore I would recommend including images in most posts. Any image that is used on Facebook or Twitter should also be posted on Pinterest to build up ABC’s gallery.

I also recommend using Infographics that pertain to health and wellness.

Include lists and polls to engage and grow the community.

Bronto Email Campaign

According to the average open rate of an email marketing campaign is 18%. ABC’s Bronto stats reflect and average open rate of 25.4 %, so in the case of email marketing ABC is doing well. However we need work on click rates and conversions.


My recommendation for Email marketing includes the following:

Continue to promote the e-newsletter via Bronto.

Include a link to the e-newsletter across all social media platforms.

Include a call to action with a reward, or coupon to get people to click-through or to conversion.

Ensure the email marketing template is mobile friendly.

Include a QR code that leads readers back to your social media platform.

Retool the e-newsletter content and start a website.

Ensure email campaign runs parallel to all social media platform, same message, same logo, and same theme.

Conclusion: ABC has a great foundation for improvement. By using a content calendar, repeating high engagement content and introducing new content over time, we should see better results. ABC should designate a social media specialist to monitor and listen to all social media channels via either a dashboard type site or manually. ABC need to cross promote all their social media channels on every piece of content they send out. It is assumed that ABC currently does not incorporate social sharing buttons therefore that will be first on my list of recommendations. The good news ABC has a great potential to grow their community as demonstrated by the sheer reach of the organic followers.



Your Opinion Is Important To Us!

This week’s assignment calls for a response to both a negative and positive tripadvisor post

Each student must respond as if they were the Social Media Manager in charge of Public Relations for a hotel, the Hyatt Regency of Orlando Florida and the Hilton of Fort Lauderdale, respectively. For those who may not be familiar with tripadvisor, it claims to be the worlds, largest travel community. Tripadvisor receives more than 260 million monthly visitors, 60 million members, boasts over 150 million reviews and opinions in 26 languages, made available to both the consumer and business owner. As a consumer one can use tripadvisor to see reviews from other travelers on hotels, travel packages, restaurants and “best of’s” in numerous categories. It’s a site worth checking before you travel for sure! For a business owner, and in this scenario, a hotel manager, how you respond to reviews about your establishment can make all the difference. A carefully crafted response can influence return visits, prospective customers and ultimately a choice to book-or-not-to-book with your hotel.

According to tripadvisor responding to positive and negative reviews clearly demonstrates to both former and prospective guests that you are interested in their feedback and take customer service seriously. mgmtresponseguide_1_2_0

In a December 2013 survey, 77% of respondents said that seeing a hotel management response makes them believe that the hotel cares more about its guests. Over half of the survey respondents also said that seeing a management response generally makes them more likely to book, versus a comparable hotel that did not respond to travelers.

For Study Purposes Only—This is Not an Actual Review or Response from Hotel Management

Hyatt Regency, Orlando Florida

On behalf of the Hyatt Regency of Orlando Florida, let me be the first to thank you for returning to our hotel. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to review our hotel as your comments reflect how pleased you were with your stay. Our pledge to Hyatt Regency guests is to offer the very best of both worlds from business travel to tourism, to that end, we are so pleased you decided to come back and this time, with your family.

You may not be surprised to learn the Hyatt Regency of Florida earned a Certificate of Excellence in 2014 by Trip Advisor and the prestigious 4 Diamond Award by AAA. Awards, along with guests reviews like the one you kindly provided demonstrate we are getting it right!

Compliments to the Chef’s

We are equally pleased that you enjoyed the dining at our facility. I will be sure to pass along to Corey Crawford the Chef at the B-Line, how happy you were with the light bite and desert you described as scrumptious. We are proud of the B-line and take pride in the high energy, prompt service, and fine food we make available to our guest 24 hours a day. I see you also took the time to tell us your family enjoyed the Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse. Chef, James Stafford will be thrilled to add your review to the over 110 existing reviews that rate his restaurant as “better than excellent” on Trip Advisor.

The next time you and your family return to Orlando we would love for you to consider staying with us again. Please feel free to contact me personally at (407)-284-1234, to discuss making your next stay with us even more pleasurable than the last.

Until then don’t forget to follow us @HyattOrlando on Twitter, visit our Facebook page, and view our Pinterest page to bring back some special memories. Remember to check the Hyatt website for specials and discounts too! Thank you again for providing your valuable review on tripadvisor of the Hyatt, Orlando and we look forward to seeing you and your family again.


Mark S. Hoplamazian

President & Chief Executive Officer

Hilton-example-2014 Hilton, Fort Lauderdale

On behalf of the Hilton, Fort Lauderdale and Hilton Hotels & Resorts, I would like to extend our professional apologies to you and your husband as it is obvious by your comments we failed to meet your expectations during your recent stay at our property. Each one of your concerns will be addressed with the management and the staff of the hotel to create a better experience for guests going forward.

As the most recognized name in the industry, Hilton Hotels & Resorts stands as the stylish, forward thinking global leader of hospitality. With over 92 years of experience, Hilton continues to be synonymous with “hotel” because of our innovative approach to products, amenities and service. We apologize this, was not your experience.

You might be interested to know that we are currently refurbishing all the rooms at the Fort Lauderdale property which, when finished, will include renovated bathrooms, modern walk-in style showers and fashion forward furnishings throughout. It is our hope that if you ever return to Fort Lauderdale you consider staying with us one more time to enjoy the improvements.

Your return will provide the Hilton, Fort Lauderdale an opportunity to show you and your husband how much we have perfected our facility. Please contact me directly at 1-(954)-463-4000 if you decide to give us another try. I will personally see to it that your stay will be a true Hilton Hotel & Resort experience. Please know that every guest and every stay is important to us.

Thank you for reviewing your stay at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale.


Christopher J. Nassetta

President & Chief Executive Officer

This was a fun assignment and an eye opener too! I learned a lot about both hotels and may even stay at one of them when I come to Florida when I graduate! There is a discernable difference between the two hotel websites and one stands out as more progressive than the other. My takeaway—even if you have an established social media presence, or reputation for having excellent customer service, unless you continually focus on keeping your content, your service and your relationships on track, they could easily slip away.

very satisfied



As part of an assignment for MMC 5006 Introduction to Multimedia Communications

I was tasked with reviewing  of North America, a trade show for beauty industry professionals. The event is focused in particular on the distributors, OTC’s, manufacturers and buyers of the beauty professional and retail stores. Reviewing the website, one can see Cosmopro is employing social media to include Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. One can easily subscribe to their newsletter. The website features numerous videos that can be clicked on to find out more information on a product, service or specific beauty guru! This making Cosmoprof a haven for beauty lovers who are interested in finding out what’s new and what’s state of the art in the world of beauty. As a first time visitor to the website I found the video posts to be most intriguing, first because I had no idea what Cosmoprof was, and second because I found what they are selling to be most interesting.

Conference Highlights

First I clicked on the CPNA 2014 Highlights video to see what the conference is all about.A strategy I employ when going into territories unknown, I like to view videos first to see what the site is all about. This brought me the bottom of the page where I began clicking on the social sharing buttons with the intent to see more video. I first landed on the Cosmopro Facebook, with the first post featuring Chan’s video where she provides a recap of the products she found at the conference to be of interest to her. Chan is a regular fixture and trusted entertainment reporter at red carpet parties, events and fashion shows, Jennifer is a pro at painting the town red and mingling with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, industry VIPs and stylish insiders. Making her the perfect attendee and spokesperson at this event. One product in particular she liked was “Crack” An odd name for a product that can help smooth and detangle unruly hair, tame curls and harness the beauty of both types of hair. As a regular sufferer of bushy hair, the product sounds like something that could work for me.

Also from Facebook I watched a video dated July 14th , Beauty’s video informed me about some great beauty must-haves!— like Sero-Vital an anti-aging wrinkle treatment product that touts “you can turn back the hands of time.—and is an anti-aging breakthrough.” Leading up to the event the Cosmopro Facebook page included various posts from 3 days, 3 weeks out to a few months out. By the end of the event, the Facebook page has 5,139 likes, pretty impressive for an event targeted at small group. The Facebook page also included a post by “The New Agency’s”, founder Erick Brownstein, his online video discusses ways to promote your brand, (in this case, cosmetics) talks about on-line video, on-line marketing and websites as a way to reach customers, Strike Social, Spring Box, or Bamboo!

The Cosmopro Twitter page did very well with 2,492 tweets, 2,726 followers, and 269 videos. Pinterest was also booming with activity on 7 boards to include: Spotlights, Discover Beauty, Affiliates, CPNA New flash, Videos, Styles We Love and Beauty Event. The Pinterest page was extremely engaging and I found myself spending at least an hour clicking around and viewing the new products and wonderful photos. Missing Social Media Elements There was no “search” option on the Cosmopro website, therefore one would have to hunt and peck, for what you were searching for.

Two disappointing Social Media sites that were associated with Cosmopro were the Instagram page and the LinkedIn page. In order to participate in the LinkedIn page one would have to join as a member, therefore it’s a closed group. That works well for the group but not so much for a student who wants to see what is going on. I also did not care for the

Instagram account…when I clicked on the social sharing bottom I was taken to the Websta Instagram viewer, a site I am not familiar with nor did I find the landing spot to be particularly engaging, interesting, or user friendly.

Worth mentioning

  • There were at least 10 press releases leading up to the 2014 Cosmopro conference and event.
  • Attendees were offered an opportunity to win a Mini-Cooper.
  • Michael Bolton sang at one of the events.
  • Pam Anderson was a celebrity who attended the event. Branding?

Not completely consistent. The branding was consistent across the Cosmoprof website, Facebook and Twitter with the use of a beautiful woman dressed in blue apparel, as if she were an angel. However, I did not see the Cosmopro angle presence on Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, just a graphic to a lesser extent. However it should be noted that the Cosmopro’s Linkedin page has 2,426 members, proof that it’s not just about a fancy graphic.

What stood out for me was the image of the angel. She is very beautiful and can easily be associated with the beauty business. Hashtags are being used by just about every sponsor and they are free to promote their product how they choose. Some of the more noteworthy sponsors give presentations where attendees would have to pay to attend.

An excellent attempt at promoting the event to include social media in the overall IMC! Could it have been better? Of course, we could all get better at incorporateding social media into our marketing strategies, yet this, is a very, very professional, achievement.

Magic Kingdom Social Media Content Plan

Mickey_MouseIn week nine of MMC 5006: Introduction to Multimedia Communications course, I was tasked with creating a hypothetical social media plan for Disney’s Magic Kingdom for an entire month. The assignment is to focus on Facebook and Twitter. A quick review of the official Disney website touts the Magic Kingdom as a space where:

Fairytale dreams come true for children of all ages at Magic Kingdom Park. Delight in classic attractions, enchanting fireworks, musical parades and beloved Disney Characters across 6 whimsical lands. See fantasy become a reality as you explore Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland—Tomorrowland and Main Street, U.S.A. Zoom through space, become a swashbuckling pirate and watch fireworks light up the sky over Cinderella Castle.

Sounds very exciting and a whole lot of fun! Perhaps I can help to pump up the enthusiasm by creating Facebook and Twitter content that turns heads. For the purposes of this exercise I will concentrate on the special events to educate visitors to the Magic Kingdom’s overall experience. Hopefully this content will help get people thinking about where to go and what not to miss. Since many of the events take place repeatedly I won’t be adding exact dates to the posts. This, so the content can be recycled as the need arises. I will mix in a little trivia, fun facts and a even one or two throwback Thursday’s. The overarching goal of the content will be to entice visitors that are already in the park to attend events such as fireworks, shows and rides and to pique the interest of those looking to visit the Magic Kingdom soon.

Facebook and Twitter Content

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Friday, August 1: FB: Who does not love a parade?March down to the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Electrical Parade and brighten your night at 9 pm and 11 pm. Note: Include photo montage of the Parade.

Saturday, August 2: FB: Roar…..The Lion King: “Concert in the Wild.”….Surround yourself in the Savannah setting of the Harambe Theatre as you experience The Lion King like never before! Narrated by Brian Stokes Mitchell – August 2, 2014 and Patina Miller – August 9, 2014. Exclusively at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Note: Photo of show and links to celebrity bios to include photos. Twitter: The Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, go Disney! #Roar #LionKing Note: Include link to Lion King Show at Disney.

Sunday, August 3: FB: A Magic Kingdom attraction not to be missed. Space Mountain a favorite attraction of many Magic Kingdom visitors ages 7-60. Each morning before opening, hundreds of Space Mountain “junkies” crowd the rope barriers at the Central Plaza, awaiting the signal to head to the ride’s entrance. Do you know a Space Mountain “junkie?” Note: Photo of Space Mountain “junkies” waiting for the ride to open. Twitter: Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain, a coaster with a following. Do you know a Space Mountain “junkie?” #Spacemountain #coasterjunkie #disneymagic

Monday, August 4: FB: Poll: Let us know your favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom? Pirates of Caribbean Space Mountain Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Country Bear Jamboree Note: Photo montage of top 5 rides, list top 5 rides for community vote using WordPress or Survey Monkey, same content with expanded explanation on blog. Twitter: What is your favorite Magic Kingdom ride? #Pirates #SpaceMountain #MineTrain #BigThunder #BearJamboree

Tuesday, August 5: FB: Cirque du Soleil at Disney. La Nouba, an elaborate stage show at Downtown Disney’s West Side, featuring action, humor, color and light, blending the ancient traditions of circus with dance, acrobatics and street entertainment. The 90-minute performance plays at 6:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturday. Note: photo of performance and blog post featuring same photo and more in depth information regarding the Disney-Circ relationship. Twitter: Blending the ancient traditions of circus with dance, acrobatics and street entertainment, Cirque at Disney. #Cirquedusoleil #Disney

Wednesday, August 6: FB: Blast Off to the beginning at Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Enter the iconic geosphere and explore the history of communications, from the Stone Age to the computer age. What does your tomorrow looks like? Let us know! Note: Photo of Spaceship Earth attraction and link to map. Twitter: From the Stone Age to the computer age only at Epcot’s Spaceship Earth. #SpaceshipEarth #Epcot #Blastoff

Thursday, August 7: FB: Throwback Thursday: Remember these celeb’s kickin’ it in the House of Mouse. Note: Mickey Mouse Club vintage photo posted with video footage of well-known celeb’s now famous. Note: Video Post Twitter: Kickin’ it in the House of Mouse—Throw Back Thursday time capsule. Recognize anyone familiar?

Friday, August 8: FB: World Cat-Day, also known as International Cat-Day, is celebrated throughout the world on August 08, 2014. Although cat ownership has commonly been associated with women, a US poll reported that men and women were equally likely to own a cat.

mickey and cat Twitter: World Cat-Day, Name Mickeys Cat. Note: link to photo




 Saturday, August 9: FB: Join Tinker Bell, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Ariel, Peter Pan and Genie in the Magic Kingdom for the Wishes Night time Fireworks Spectacular every night this August at 10 pm. Note: Photo of fireworks and link to map of exact location. Twitter: Magic Kingdom fireworks, Cinderella Castle forecourt for best view of Wishes Night Time Fireworks Spectacular. #MKfireworks #tinkerbell

Sunday, August 10: FB: Celebrate the spirit of humanity at a stunning fireworks display the “Future of the Earth” at Epcot every evening at 9 pm. Note: photo of children’s faces being amazed by fireworks and link to map of exact location. Twitter: Celebrate the spirit of humanity at a stunning fireworks display the “Future of the Earth” at Epcot every evening at 9 pm. #disneyfireworks #Epcot #stunning

Monday, August 11: FB: Rock Your Summer Side’ at the Character Dance Party. Rock out now until August 22, from 6 pm to 10 pm at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Dance with your favorite characters and show your moves on the Sorcerer Hat stage. #Shakeit Note: photos of visitors dancing with characters and link to map. Twitter: Shake it at Disney’s Summer Side Character Dance Party. #Shakeit Note: Link to map.

Tuesday, August 12: FB: Disney Fun Fact: Cinderella’s Castle is made from no stone at all, (even though they appear to be stones for the outside walls.) The entire castle is actually made out of: 1. Fairy Dust 2. Granite 3. Fiberglass 4. Rock 5. Wood Let us know what you think? Note: Photo of Castle. Twitter: Fairy Dust at the Magic Kingdom? Tell us where and be entered to win a free trip to Disney! Be sure to use the #Fairydust Note: Add a link to the Disney Blog story which will explain the myth of Fairy Dust.

Wednesday, August 13: FB: In the mood for a nice cup of tea? Pour yourself into an oversized teacup and twirl quickly or slowly. Celebrate your “un-birthday” in Wonderland as you sail back and forth around a towering teapot. Note: Photo of visitors enjoying tea cup ride. Twitter: Tell us your favorite tea. #favoritetea #madteaparty

Thursday, August 14: FB: When 21-year-old Walt Disney first arrived in Los Angeles in 1923, the budding animator from Marceline, Missouri had just $40 in his pocket and a cardboard suitcase. But he also had big dreams! Share your dreams, we would love to hear them. Note Link to Throwback Thursday photo: Twitter: Share your dreams with Disney. #mydreams #dreamscancometrue

Friday, August 15: FB: Today is national relaxation day. A day to kick back and do nothing, Why not relax at saratoga springs resort and spa, Ahhhh! Twitter: Experience a Magic Kingdom Ahhhh!, at one of our luxurious spas. #Ahhh! #disneyspa

Saturday, August 16: FB: Disney Fun Fact: Dwarf names that didn’t make the cut in Snow White were: Jumpy, Deafy, Dizzy, Wheezy, Hickey, Baldy, Gabby, Nifty, Sniffy, Swift, Lazy, Puffy, Stuffy, Tubby, Shorty, and Burpy. Note: Photo of Seven Dwarfs Twitter: What would your Dwarf name have been? #mydwarfname #nameyourdwarf

Sunday, August 17: FB: Today is “Race Your Mouse” day! Time to rev up your mouse and let the race begin! Note: Photo of Mickey Mouse running race. Twitter: Today is “Race your Mouse” day! #mouserace #racedisney

Monday, August 18: FB: Feel the power of dreams blaze before you in a breathtaking 30-minute fireworks and water extravaganza. Experience Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios every night at 9 pm. #Fantasmic Note: Photo of Fireworks and link to map. Twitter: Experience Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios every night at 9 pm. #Fantasmic

Tuesday, August 19: FB: Today is “National Aviation Day” in honor of the birthday of Orville Wright, the first person to successfully fly an airplane on December 17th 1903. Why not ride the Peter Pan’s flight attraction. A perfect way to celebrate the holiday at Disney. Note: Photo of Peter Pan Flight Ride:

Wednesday, August 20: FB Quiz: What is Boo’s real name, from Monsters Inc.? We know you know we are just checking! Note: Photo of Boo.Boo-disney-8035081-500-607




Thursday, August 21: Twitter: Magic Kingdom kind of Hungry? Visit one of these great restaurants recommended by Walt.

Friday, August 22: FB: Splash Mountain indoor outdoor water flume adventure ride covers over half a mile, splashing through swamps, caves, and backwoods bayous before climaxing in a five-story plunge and Br’er Rabbit’s triumphant return home. Hey, Splash Mountain fans do you know the words of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah?” Let us know what they are? Note: Photo of Br’er Rabbit. Note: Include photo of the ride and link to Splash Mountain location: Mountain Twitter: “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” Visit Splash Mountain when in Disney.

Disney-World-Dumbo-Ride   Saturday, August 23: FB: Celebrate “Ride the Wind” day at Disney, a care free day to soar above the earth. Catch a ride with the breeze or float along like a gentle, summer cloud. No better place      to fly than the Magic Kingdom. Dumbo the Flying Elephant Peter Pan’s Flight The Magic Carpets of Aladdin   Note: Photo of Dumbo ride

Sunday, August 24: FB: Sing-A-Long: “Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put ’em together and what have you got bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo It’ll do magic believe it or not bibbidi-bobbidi-boo . Salagadoola means mechicka boolaroo But the thingmabob that does the job is bibbidi-bobbidi-boo .Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo Put ’em together and what have you got bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” Note: YouTube video:  Twitter: #bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, if you love Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

Monday, August 25: FB: New for 2014, Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade. Watch from Frontierland as costumed characters and innovative floats parade by; see the Little Mermaid, Brave, Tangled, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty (along with a 26-foot-tall Maleficent in dragon form), princesses (including Anna and Elsa from Frozen), Mickey and Minnie on an airship, and more! Every day at 3 pm. Note Photo of Parade, link to map. Twitter: Festival of Fantasy Parade every day at 3 pm. #Littlemermaid #Tangled #Disneyparade Note: Include of location

Tuesday, August 26: FB: Open every day until dusk, Tom Sawyer Island is one big playground for all kids! Accessible only by raft, the island is a walk through attraction. Mom and Dad can sit in a rocking chair or watch the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom amongst oaks, pines, red maples, and sycamores. Ahhhh! Serenity! The island is kid friendly too, let them wander through the caves and play in Ft. Sam Clemons. Note: photo of raft and link to map.

Wednesday August 27: FB: Take a ride on the wild side: Space Mountain effects are superb, and the ride is the fastest and wildest in the Magic Kingdom. Note: Photo of Space Mountain and link to map. Twitter: Take the wildest ride in the Kingdom. #MagicKingdom #SpaceMountain

Thursday, August 28: FB: Disney Fun Fact: The Seven Seas Lagoon located in front of the Magic Kingdom is actually a man-made lake. Can you name other man-made lakes in the USA? Note: Photo of Seven Seas lagoon and link to map.

Friday, August 29: FB: Disney FastPass and FastPass+ service makes your vacation better than ever by allowing you to reserve access to some of your favorite Walt Disney experiences before you leave home. Note: Include link to FastPass video. Twitter: Disney’s Fast Pass to Fun. Note: link to video

Saturday, August 30: FB: Hungry for the royal treatment? Then Cinderella’s royal table is the place for you. In many ways, this is quintessential Disney experience and a meal you will be talking about for years to come. Meet Cinderella and then dine in a banquet hall fit for kings and queens, surrounded by towering stone archways, noble medieval flags, and astonishing stained-glass windows overlooking Fantasyland. Note: Photo of Banquet Hall.

Sunday, August 31: FB: Bambi was Walt’s favorite film, what’s your favorite Disney film? Note: Link to video clip to Bambi. #socute


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