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Data Driven Strategies for Increasing Engagement

This post as with most of the content on (DarleenLove4Learning) is for the purposes of fulfilling a college assignment.


The ABC Company, based in Central Florida is a health-oriented business that is very much engaged with social media, along with a Facebook page, ABC has a Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube Channel. ABC sends out a bi-weekly e-newsletter and utilizes an email marketing service for its distribution. Like any company ABC wants to increase business and reach more customers. As a social media consultant I have been hired to help them analyze their social media efforts. My scope of work will include a review of ABC’s Facebook Analytics along with the results of an email e-newsletter distribution. Based on that data I will make recommendations on how ABC should move forward with a total IMC plan for more engagement.

The two data sources include ABC’s Facebook Analytics and ABC’s Bronto results from an email newsletter sent out on May 21, 2013.

How to Use the Data

Facebook Insights allows businesses and marketers a snap shot into the how well their content is working, who is looking at it, where they are located, even how old they are. Using this data a social media manager can identify areas of improvement and pinpoint what content is driving engagement.

Engagement data can be harvested from many other sources one being, email marketing sites such as Bronto. Bronto provides statistics on how your customers engaged with your latest email blast or email campaign. Most email marketing sites provide reporting as part of the total service package. There are many email marketing firms available and for those interested in going that route as part of an overall marketing mix, I have included reviews of the top ten email marketing firms.

Great Facebook Possibilities—For ABC


Between the period of May 7th and June 2nd ABC had 880 likes, up 0.69%, there also was a total possible reach, based on these likes of 340,325 friends of fans, giving ABC the ability to reach a much larger audience.

During this period ABC was posting at least once a day and on some days they posted more than once. The post with the highest engagement was regarding a Group Fit event that reached 509, engaged 13 and had 4 people talking about it. This post went viral at a rate of 1.96%!

ABC’s June 2nd post enjoyed an even higher virality rate of 4.29%, this post recognized National Cancer Survivors Day occurs on that date. This is an excellent example of the type of content their community is looking for and content that is relevant to friends and fans of more than just immediate followers.

Overall people talking about ABC is down by a little over 50% drawing me to the conclusion that content should target a larger community interested in health and wellness. Content that would entice the community to share with family, friends and fans in an effort to reach that larger population of 340,325.

Demographics Worth Noting



The ABC community is 60.3% female between the ages of 25 to 34. However we don’t want to overlook the male population which is represented by a little over 38%. The majority of ABC’s followers are from Orlando Florida or the state of Florida who speak English. Spanish is the next language present amongst the community therefore it may be worth considering posting content in both languages to test its engagement.

Organic reach from the community appears flat no matter how you look at it. But page views are all over the place, lots of dips and spikes. The only way to describe it is inconsistent. So I recommend ABC takes a closer look at the content that caused the peaks and recreate and retool similar content with more consistency. Perhaps using Hootsuite for scheduling although it’s not clear if they are using a dashboard tool to post content or not.

My recommendation for ABC’s Social Media efforts include the following:

Include Social Sharing buttons wherever possible.

Create a content calendar at least thirty days out.

Include relative health related special days or memorials to engage organic community and reach fans and friends.

Repurpose Facebook content across Twitter and Pinterest.

Repurpose YouTube videos on Facebook to include links or bitly links on Twitter.

Use more images, by the content of the posts listed it does not appear that ABC is using images. Therefore I would recommend including images in most posts. Any image that is used on Facebook or Twitter should also be posted on Pinterest to build up ABC’s gallery.

I also recommend using Infographics that pertain to health and wellness.

Include lists and polls to engage and grow the community.

Bronto Email Campaign

According to the average open rate of an email marketing campaign is 18%. ABC’s Bronto stats reflect and average open rate of 25.4 %, so in the case of email marketing ABC is doing well. However we need work on click rates and conversions.


My recommendation for Email marketing includes the following:

Continue to promote the e-newsletter via Bronto.

Include a link to the e-newsletter across all social media platforms.

Include a call to action with a reward, or coupon to get people to click-through or to conversion.

Ensure the email marketing template is mobile friendly.

Include a QR code that leads readers back to your social media platform.

Retool the e-newsletter content and start a website.

Ensure email campaign runs parallel to all social media platform, same message, same logo, and same theme.

Conclusion: ABC has a great foundation for improvement. By using a content calendar, repeating high engagement content and introducing new content over time, we should see better results. ABC should designate a social media specialist to monitor and listen to all social media channels via either a dashboard type site or manually. ABC need to cross promote all their social media channels on every piece of content they send out. It is assumed that ABC currently does not incorporate social sharing buttons therefore that will be first on my list of recommendations. The good news ABC has a great potential to grow their community as demonstrated by the sheer reach of the organic followers.



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