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Data Driven Strategies for Increasing Engagement

This post as with most of the content on (DarleenLove4Learning) is for the purposes of fulfilling a college assignment.


The ABC Company, based in Central Florida is a health-oriented business that is very much engaged with social media, along with a Facebook page, ABC has a Twitter account, Pinterest page and YouTube Channel. ABC sends out a bi-weekly e-newsletter and utilizes an email marketing service for its distribution. Like any company ABC wants to increase business and reach more customers. As a social media consultant I have been hired to help them analyze their social media efforts. My scope of work will include a review of ABC’s Facebook Analytics along with the results of an email e-newsletter distribution. Based on that data I will make recommendations on how ABC should move forward with a total IMC plan for more engagement.

The two data sources include ABC’s Facebook Analytics and ABC’s Bronto results from an email newsletter sent out on May 21, 2013.

How to Use the Data

Facebook Insights allows businesses and marketers a snap shot into the how well their content is working, who is looking at it, where they are located, even how old they are. Using this data a social media manager can identify areas of improvement and pinpoint what content is driving engagement.

Engagement data can be harvested from many other sources one being, email marketing sites such as Bronto. Bronto provides statistics on how your customers engaged with your latest email blast or email campaign. Most email marketing sites provide reporting as part of the total service package. There are many email marketing firms available and for those interested in going that route as part of an overall marketing mix, I have included reviews of the top ten email marketing firms.

Great Facebook Possibilities—For ABC


Between the period of May 7th and June 2nd ABC had 880 likes, up 0.69%, there also was a total possible reach, based on these likes of 340,325 friends of fans, giving ABC the ability to reach a much larger audience.

During this period ABC was posting at least once a day and on some days they posted more than once. The post with the highest engagement was regarding a Group Fit event that reached 509, engaged 13 and had 4 people talking about it. This post went viral at a rate of 1.96%!

ABC’s June 2nd post enjoyed an even higher virality rate of 4.29%, this post recognized National Cancer Survivors Day occurs on that date. This is an excellent example of the type of content their community is looking for and content that is relevant to friends and fans of more than just immediate followers.

Overall people talking about ABC is down by a little over 50% drawing me to the conclusion that content should target a larger community interested in health and wellness. Content that would entice the community to share with family, friends and fans in an effort to reach that larger population of 340,325.

Demographics Worth Noting



The ABC community is 60.3% female between the ages of 25 to 34. However we don’t want to overlook the male population which is represented by a little over 38%. The majority of ABC’s followers are from Orlando Florida or the state of Florida who speak English. Spanish is the next language present amongst the community therefore it may be worth considering posting content in both languages to test its engagement.

Organic reach from the community appears flat no matter how you look at it. But page views are all over the place, lots of dips and spikes. The only way to describe it is inconsistent. So I recommend ABC takes a closer look at the content that caused the peaks and recreate and retool similar content with more consistency. Perhaps using Hootsuite for scheduling although it’s not clear if they are using a dashboard tool to post content or not.

My recommendation for ABC’s Social Media efforts include the following:

Include Social Sharing buttons wherever possible.

Create a content calendar at least thirty days out.

Include relative health related special days or memorials to engage organic community and reach fans and friends.

Repurpose Facebook content across Twitter and Pinterest.

Repurpose YouTube videos on Facebook to include links or bitly links on Twitter.

Use more images, by the content of the posts listed it does not appear that ABC is using images. Therefore I would recommend including images in most posts. Any image that is used on Facebook or Twitter should also be posted on Pinterest to build up ABC’s gallery.

I also recommend using Infographics that pertain to health and wellness.

Include lists and polls to engage and grow the community.

Bronto Email Campaign

According to the average open rate of an email marketing campaign is 18%. ABC’s Bronto stats reflect and average open rate of 25.4 %, so in the case of email marketing ABC is doing well. However we need work on click rates and conversions.


My recommendation for Email marketing includes the following:

Continue to promote the e-newsletter via Bronto.

Include a link to the e-newsletter across all social media platforms.

Include a call to action with a reward, or coupon to get people to click-through or to conversion.

Ensure the email marketing template is mobile friendly.

Include a QR code that leads readers back to your social media platform.

Retool the e-newsletter content and start a website.

Ensure email campaign runs parallel to all social media platform, same message, same logo, and same theme.

Conclusion: ABC has a great foundation for improvement. By using a content calendar, repeating high engagement content and introducing new content over time, we should see better results. ABC should designate a social media specialist to monitor and listen to all social media channels via either a dashboard type site or manually. ABC need to cross promote all their social media channels on every piece of content they send out. It is assumed that ABC currently does not incorporate social sharing buttons therefore that will be first on my list of recommendations. The good news ABC has a great potential to grow their community as demonstrated by the sheer reach of the organic followers.





As part of an assignment for MMC 5006 Introduction to Multimedia Communications

I was tasked with reviewing  of North America, a trade show for beauty industry professionals. The event is focused in particular on the distributors, OTC’s, manufacturers and buyers of the beauty professional and retail stores. Reviewing the website, one can see Cosmopro is employing social media to include Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. One can easily subscribe to their newsletter. The website features numerous videos that can be clicked on to find out more information on a product, service or specific beauty guru! This making Cosmoprof a haven for beauty lovers who are interested in finding out what’s new and what’s state of the art in the world of beauty. As a first time visitor to the website I found the video posts to be most intriguing, first because I had no idea what Cosmoprof was, and second because I found what they are selling to be most interesting.

Conference Highlights

First I clicked on the CPNA 2014 Highlights video to see what the conference is all about.A strategy I employ when going into territories unknown, I like to view videos first to see what the site is all about. This brought me the bottom of the page where I began clicking on the social sharing buttons with the intent to see more video. I first landed on the Cosmopro Facebook, with the first post featuring Chan’s video where she provides a recap of the products she found at the conference to be of interest to her. Chan is a regular fixture and trusted entertainment reporter at red carpet parties, events and fashion shows, Jennifer is a pro at painting the town red and mingling with Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, industry VIPs and stylish insiders. Making her the perfect attendee and spokesperson at this event. One product in particular she liked was “Crack” An odd name for a product that can help smooth and detangle unruly hair, tame curls and harness the beauty of both types of hair. As a regular sufferer of bushy hair, the product sounds like something that could work for me.

Also from Facebook I watched a video dated July 14th , Beauty’s video informed me about some great beauty must-haves!— like Sero-Vital an anti-aging wrinkle treatment product that touts “you can turn back the hands of time.—and is an anti-aging breakthrough.” Leading up to the event the Cosmopro Facebook page included various posts from 3 days, 3 weeks out to a few months out. By the end of the event, the Facebook page has 5,139 likes, pretty impressive for an event targeted at small group. The Facebook page also included a post by “The New Agency’s”, founder Erick Brownstein, his online video discusses ways to promote your brand, (in this case, cosmetics) talks about on-line video, on-line marketing and websites as a way to reach customers, Strike Social, Spring Box, or Bamboo!

The Cosmopro Twitter page did very well with 2,492 tweets, 2,726 followers, and 269 videos. Pinterest was also booming with activity on 7 boards to include: Spotlights, Discover Beauty, Affiliates, CPNA New flash, Videos, Styles We Love and Beauty Event. The Pinterest page was extremely engaging and I found myself spending at least an hour clicking around and viewing the new products and wonderful photos. Missing Social Media Elements There was no “search” option on the Cosmopro website, therefore one would have to hunt and peck, for what you were searching for.

Two disappointing Social Media sites that were associated with Cosmopro were the Instagram page and the LinkedIn page. In order to participate in the LinkedIn page one would have to join as a member, therefore it’s a closed group. That works well for the group but not so much for a student who wants to see what is going on. I also did not care for the

Instagram account…when I clicked on the social sharing bottom I was taken to the Websta Instagram viewer, a site I am not familiar with nor did I find the landing spot to be particularly engaging, interesting, or user friendly.

Worth mentioning

  • There were at least 10 press releases leading up to the 2014 Cosmopro conference and event.
  • Attendees were offered an opportunity to win a Mini-Cooper.
  • Michael Bolton sang at one of the events.
  • Pam Anderson was a celebrity who attended the event. Branding?

Not completely consistent. The branding was consistent across the Cosmoprof website, Facebook and Twitter with the use of a beautiful woman dressed in blue apparel, as if she were an angel. However, I did not see the Cosmopro angle presence on Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn, just a graphic to a lesser extent. However it should be noted that the Cosmopro’s Linkedin page has 2,426 members, proof that it’s not just about a fancy graphic.

What stood out for me was the image of the angel. She is very beautiful and can easily be associated with the beauty business. Hashtags are being used by just about every sponsor and they are free to promote their product how they choose. Some of the more noteworthy sponsors give presentations where attendees would have to pay to attend.

An excellent attempt at promoting the event to include social media in the overall IMC! Could it have been better? Of course, we could all get better at incorporateding social media into our marketing strategies, yet this, is a very, very professional, achievement.

Biznik—-going it alone together!



Biznik is a social network directed at small business owners, independent business owners and people who want to start a business. A social sharing platform that invites small business owners and entrepreneurs to become members of the Biznik community, where people are passionate about their business.

Founded 2005, Biznik was one of the first online communities that blended online interaction with real world face-to-face events. Individual business owners or even want-to-be business owners can join this network to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs. The site offers rich content to include articles, videos, peer-to-peer collaboration and events members can attend. Biznik members, known as “Bizniks” can learn from other members, get better at what they do, and gain new business referrals.

The Biznik site describes its members as “united by an independent spirit and a common belief that collaboration beats competition.”

Who are Bizniks?

According to Biznik, they are freelancers, independent contractors and small business owners; entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and micropreneurs; students of business, and corporate employees with dreams of working for themselves. From the home page one can view member’s profiles by state and category. A few clicks on the members tab uncovered 495 real estate agents, 468 entrepreneurs, 203 web-developers and 124 event planners, and that was just in the state of New York! Members can be sought out by city, state or by what type of business they are involved in by searching the entire Biznik community. There are hundreds of categories to search from that includes people from all over the country.

Biznik is not another Facebook

Biznik is a social media platform where peers are building relationships, increasing their visibility, strengthening their reputation, and exchanging support.

Permeating all public interaction, is the 95/5 Principle that limits blatant self-promotion and sales to 5% of the content on the site and inside events. This is not a place to find customers, it’s a place to pass referrals, and be a source of opportunities, new ideas and support.

Who founded Biznik?

Frustrated with the selection of business networking opportunities out there, the Biznik community was founded by two independent business owners, Dan Mccomb & Lara Feltin, in an effort to create “business networking that doesn’t suck.”

Members Pay for the Biznik Privilege

There is a basic membership that includes one’s profile and the limited ability to participate for $79 a year. A Pro membership that provide everything the basic does, plus the ability to publish articles, host events and join groups for $14 a month. Or one can choose to become a Pro-VIP for $29 a month that provides all of the above, plus unlimited editorial support and customized assistance.

There is also a free option where users can RSVP for events.

Is Biznik a Stand-Out?

I think the Biznik community provides an excellent way to reach like-minded people who share the same goal–to be a successful business owner!

It is a great place to begin for people who wish they could start a business but don’t know how. The events that are posted to the site present a unique opportunity to start networking face to face. Other members know what the purpose of the site is and are there for the seam reason.

I would recommend this site to people, like my niece, who wants to start her own business as an event planner. What better way to learn than from a peer who is already in the business?

The Biznik concept is solid!



Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing could work well for this platform. Biznik could use it to announce events to members who might be in the area where an event is taking place. Proximity marketing could also be used to alert members that are within the vicinity of another members store front. Once notified via their mobile device members can accept the invite to attend the event or choose to stop by for a face to face meeting with another Biznik member.

The Marketing Mix for Biznik?

Along with the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, Biznik could benefit from using Instagram and Pinterest to promote photos from events. Email marketing is a must for this social sharing network, along with more traditional integrated marketing efforts such as television, billboards, trade magazines and mail products such as Every Door Direct Mail by the U.S. Postal Service.



Serious, Silly and Snapshots — Three Blogs Worth A Look!

The American Red Cross Blog

Screen Shot of The American Red Cross Blog

The American Red Cross blog is a professional blog with an objective to inspire people (Red Cross Volunteers) to talk about issues they care about. The Red Cross blog does not disappoint, as most readers will find the content compelling, interesting and something to talk about. The Red Cross Blog (RCB) aims to offer solutions and a roadmap to immediate actions one can take online or offline to help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. The RCB even attempts to have a little fun with its readers by staying relevant and finding areas of collaboration with those reading the blog.

My visit to the RCB transported me to a location I did not expect, a very pleasant surprise indeed. The first post on the blog was dated June 13th, authored by Sarah Layton entitled “What Goes through a Red Crosser’s Mind While Watching Game of Thrones.” The post, oh so cleverly seizes on the popularity of the HBO series the Game-of-Thrones as a platform to discuss several types of emergency situations. If you are familiar with the series the show is filled with sword fights, fire-breathing dragons, wild animals, intrigue, lies, deception and death. A medieval tale set against the harsh weather elements while all the characters quest for the “Iron Throne.”

The June 13th post connects the popular theme of the HBO series to subject matter that would interest many readers of the RCB. For example a sword yielding villain is associated with how to apply pressure to a wound, fire-breathing dragons set the stage for fire safety tips, and a ferocious wolf introduces pet first-aide. In my opinion, a very ingenious way to tie pop culture into an organization not usually associated with being current or hip.

The content in this first post includes a bonus; a way for RCB blog readers to become even more involved by inviting viewers of the “Game of Thrones Season Finale” to live Tweet their personal commentary from a “Red Cross perspective.” Using the hashtag #RedCrossGoT viewers might see their comments printed on the Red Cross’s blog the following week.

The RCB posts fresh content every few days, sometime every day. All the content is current, interesting and engaging. The titles of the posts are relevant, thought-provoking and appealing, such as “Is-there-a-shark-in-your-pool?” and Grampa’s-house posted on Memorial Day. What makes the Red Cross blog unique is the surprisingly relevant and interesting subject matter that would not be normally associated with an organization such as the American Red Cross.

Making it Easy to Share

Social sharing buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube coupled with other Red Cross chapter blogs drives traffic to the blog. The Red Cross blog also features easy ways for readers to subscribe by email, donate and get involved. All important elements of any Integrated Marketing Campaign, and a testimony that The American Red Cross is pursuing a well-rounded IMC campaign.


Teamlab is the only advertiser on the RCB; to clarify it is more of an endorsement from the Red Cross rather than advertisement. A Google search for the American Red Cross “Blog” the blog site shows up first in SEO, as opposed to just searching The American Red Cross which results in American Red Cross website.

Suggestions for Improvement are only this: Include a multi-lingual language option. I was pleasantly surprised by the American Red Cross Blog site and I would recommend it to anyone interested in wanting to be prepared for any emergency or to be educated and entertained.

The RCB is not just about disasters! It’s worth a nice long look.

Catfoodbreath Blog–Adorable!


Catfoodbreath: Furry, Feline, Fabulous………everything is better with cats.

Catfoodbreath, (CFB) is a recreational blog with sporadic posts that targets a niche audience who are seeking Kitty Kat fun! It’s all about the love of cats, cat fanciers and the opportunity to view or read about whimsical interactions between cat parents and their furry children. Cat lovers can read directly from the blogs ruler, I mean, the royal highness, the king, Mr. Catfoodbreath himself.

The main character or star of Catfoodbreath is of course, a cat. Writing the blog, one assumes is a seven pound domestic feline (big bones, dense fur) with one heck of a sushi habit. He is adorable….what more does anyone need to know? He is a Siamese, which means he is talkative, intelligent, extroverted, brave, funny, clever, and good at math. The cat is also polydactyl, giving him exceptional keyboard skills. If you are a cat lover or owner this is very funny! If it is not funny to you, consider getting a cat.

From time to time cat fanciers write in and ask the Catfoodbreath, (CFB)’s advice columnist, aka the cat, concerning issues related to cat behavior problems or concerns. The reader gets a response back written in the voice of the cat.

Problems with the Blog?

The CFB blog is not updated nearly enough as subscribers would desire. I noted many older posts on the CFB blog, but since this is a recreational blog, it’s not something that would drive away the audience. As a cat lover myself, I can confidently say that most cat lovers would easily overlook the fact that the content was older. As long as it’s enjoyable, it can be timeless. That being said, additional up to date content would truly add value for subscribers and visitors alike.

What is current on the CFB blog is content covering its “2014 Petties Awards” page explaining where pet lovers can vote for their favorite “Best Cat blog,” “Best Cat video and a variety of similar categories to choose and vote for.

The CFB blog also includes social sharing buttons that a can easily and obviously be utilized to share kitty cat content on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, repost to WordPress or simply “Like” the page. The CFB blog provides plenty of opportunities to comment, at the same time the interactions in this section prove to be some of the most enjoyable.

The Catfoodbreath blog is the 3rd result in a SEO search on Google. Currently there are no advertisers on the site however there are plenty of opportunities for cat products, toys, leases, beds, cat food and snacks. Considering Americans spent a record 55.7 billion dollars on pets in 2013, there is plenty of interest and reasons to advertise on a pet related blog.

Suggestions for Catfoodbreath blog?

One issue noted is that the CFB home page appears a little stark. I would love to see more images and poses from the CFB lead cat. As an interested party, I want to know even more about the cat. For instance what are his hobbies? What does the kitty do all day? etc. Give readers more opportunities to interact with the kitty. We can’t get enough.

Spilled Milk


Home Page of Spilled Milk

Home Page of Spilled Milk

Spilled Milk is a group blog. The blog itself has a very simple black and white clean design. The main focal point and purpose of the blog is to entice visitors to become subscribers and then Flickr group members in order to participate by posting their own images.

Spilled Milk is a collaborative photography blog featuring a collection of photographs from fourteen talented mothers from around world. Readers are invited to post photographic images that embody a “weekly” theme that reflects some aspect of parenthood and the complexity and beauty that comes with raising children.

Some of the themes include:

Holiday, Routine, Myself, Cuddle, Lesson, Feeling, Tabletop, Good Night and Imagine

The parameters to participate in the blog are straightforward; first, one must join Flickr and become part of the Spilled Milk blog Flickr group. On Mondays of each week, members can submit photos that coordinate with the weekly theme. Photo must be horizontal 900 x 600 pixels wide, with a resolution of at least 240.

The Spilled Milk blog invites participants to check back with the blog on Wednesdays to see if their photo was published. If a subscriber’s image gets posted to Spilled Milk they are encouraged to share the image on their own blog or other social media platforms.

Social Media Sharing

All social media buttons are easily accessible making it simple for bloggers to repost and share their published images. There is a “Like” button and a super easy format to post comments in. At the time I viewed the Spilled Milk blog there were six very positive comments posted that reflected the love of the blog.

Oddly, in a Google search for “mom-blogs” and “mom-photography blogs” the Spilled Milk blog did not show at all in SEO. I am presuming that is because it’s not a professional blog and has a very unique audience.

Opportunities for advertising on the site are endless, yet there is no advertising on the site. Baby products and photography equipment are the obvious two.

Suggestions for the Spilled Milk blog?

Both from a laptop computer and a Blackberry device I was taken to older content first. I suggest that the newer content be on the first page so when the blog is opened on any platform, desktop, laptop or mobile device viewers see the most recent content.

Other than that, Spilled Milk may want to include multilingual functionality to make it easier for their subscribers from around the word to participate in this interactive, interesting and heartwarming blog site.


America Runs on Dunkin’

Home Page of Dunkin' Donuts Website

The Dunkin’ Donuts website is a flawless example of a “pull” marketing strategy that could serve as an Industry standard for any Company. The includes vivid images of their drinks and food items that look delicious enough to eat! The website features new products, draws customers in with contests and includes links to everything “DD” Their site incorporates additional pull elements right on the home page by including two moving carousels that catch the eye and further encourage to take action and click.

The Dunkin’ website can be viewed in both English and Spanish, one can enter sweepstakes to win a free trip to Liverpool, click onto their social media sites, read their blog, find the store closest to your current locations, all in the Dunkin’ Donuts familiar brand color scheme.
The moving carousel images caught my eye and was the first section that had me clicking.

This is the area of the Dunkin’ website that highlights their commercials. At the bottom left one can view all the latest Dunkin’ commercials incorporating both the push and pull method together. The featured commercial advertises their newest frozen drink the “Arnold Palmer” frozen Coolatta and the commercial has already received 5,422 views on the Dunkin’ Donuts YouTube page.

Arnold Palmer Frozen Coolatta!

Arnold Palmer Frozen Coolatta!

After I viewed the commercial, I was drawn back to the top banner area to take a closer look at the Arnold Palmer Frozen Coolatta, one of two featured images of new product offerings. In this area of the website I discovered what the concoction’s ingredients are and the promotion price. I was also compelled to linger a while and learn about the new grilled flat bread chicken sandwich. Yummy!

Chicken Sandwich from DD


Social Media

Social Media sharing button are easily found and clickable, with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube prominently displayed on the right, middle of the home page. One can easily view the most recent Tweets without actually leaving the website.

Tweeting Dunkin

Tweets of Dunkin Fans

On the Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook page one can take a chance to become “fan of the week” by sharing a personal story about your love of Dunkin’ and your photo using the hashtag #myDunkin. If you are chosen as the fan of the week, your photo will be featured in Times Square on the jumbo-tron and on the DD Facebook page. We know that customers visiting the Dunkin’ Donuts website are already fans, however, I will argue that even a non-fan will be dazzled and entertained by the content. The Dunkin’ Donuts webpage contains a plethora of information, images and experiences related to all things DD.

Dunkin Donuts Facebook page

The Blog

Behind the Beans.jpg

As far as fresh content?

The Dunkin’ website features a link to their blog, Behind the Beans right in the middle of the home page (See light blue arrow). Content is posted every couple of days. Blog stories about the brand, promotions, discounts and recipes abound. The social sharing buttons are easily accessible and by the looks of it Dunkin’ Donut lovers are indeed consuming and sharing content. The most recent post, was a whimsical recap of seven donuts from around the world entitled “SPOTTED: 7 Dunkin’ Donut WonDDers of the WorlDD.” Prior to that readers were treated to “Thanks a Million! DD Perks Reaches 1,000,000 Members!” which touts the DD Perks®, program designed to reward guests with points toward free Dunkin’ Donuts beverages for every qualifying purchase made at participating locations. That post announced the program had surpassed one million members in just a few months!


Mobile Applications

Do Dunkin on Your Smartphone

Do Dunkin on Your Smartphone


In 2012, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its first-ever mobile application for payment and gifting for iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones. In May 2013, Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile® App launched a new language setting that enables users to view content in English or Spanish. The APP available at The Apple App store and Google Play offers a host of easy and convenient ways to interact with the brand. You can view your points, find a store and if you are a member of the DD club, you will receive coupons and offers exclusive to DD club members. Dunkin’ app users you can even pay for their purchase right from their Smartphone using the App.       For fans, visiting the Dunkin’ Donuts webpage is like a visit to Dunkin’ Donut heaven! Even the ribbon at the top of the website is interactive! With a click of your mouse one can find information about the menu items, find Dunkin’ stores, shop for Dunkin’ merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, coffee and tea gift sets.

The ribbon also includes a DD tab where one can buy and register DD gift cards, as well as download the mobile app. By clicking on the last tab one can register for the DD perks reward program. At the bottom of the website there are several more buckets of information. The “For Our Fans” section includes links to DD Perks, Manage Card, Get our Newsletter and Download the DD Mobile app. Also at the bottom there is a “Quick Links” section that includes a contact us section, store locator, nutrition catalog, DDSmart where one can learn about menu items that are less than 400 calories and view the real-time live Times Square Webcam.

More website features at the bottom mirror content on the web page, to include social sharing buttons and click to shop. The final two tabs provides information about the company, job and franchise opportunities and an overview of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand. There is a press room and information on the Dunkin’ global presence, contest and promo’s, corporate responsibility and the Dunkin’ foundation.

I really could not think of anything the Dunkin’ Donuts web could improve upon. Except for perhaps upgrading the Blog for multilingual functionality. Yet, I am sure the Dunkin’ webmasters are already working on it. This website has all the elements of pull marketing, some push marketing and is a perfect example of a company owning their website and using it to make their brand shine.



DD Iconic–Icons


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