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USPS Wows AT 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Displaying the power of mail


Will it surprise you to learn the Postal Service was one of the hits at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show?


CES brings technology enthusiasts and business leaders to Las Vegas to see the latest gadgets, including some that won’t hit the market for months. The 2015 show was the largest in history, drawing 150,000 attendees and more than 3,600 exhibitors.


USPS was one of the most popular exhibitors. Each day, hundreds of potential customers visited our booth to ship their purchases — and to learn about the power of mail.


For example, our display featured a station dedicated to digitally enhanced mail, which uses QR codes and other technology to bring traditional mailpieces to life.


Attendees could also play a memory game using Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express boxes and have their picture taken at our state-of-the-art photo booth, where they could create ready-made postcards using famous Las Vegas landmarks as a backdrop.


No less an authority than  identified the Postal Service’s booth as one of the “most eye-catching.” The site described it as “a booth with a tasteful, boxy design, which perfectly captures the essence of packaging and shipping.”


Hey, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Check out some of the booth photos below:

USPS Educates Consumers at Consumer Electronics Show 2015

USPS Educates Consumers at Consumer Electronics Show 2015




USPS Priority Mail Game Show

USPS Priority Mail Game Show





USPS at CES 2015

USPS at CES 2015


Biznik—-going it alone together!



Biznik is a social network directed at small business owners, independent business owners and people who want to start a business. A social sharing platform that invites small business owners and entrepreneurs to become members of the Biznik community, where people are passionate about their business.

Founded 2005, Biznik was one of the first online communities that blended online interaction with real world face-to-face events. Individual business owners or even want-to-be business owners can join this network to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs. The site offers rich content to include articles, videos, peer-to-peer collaboration and events members can attend. Biznik members, known as “Bizniks” can learn from other members, get better at what they do, and gain new business referrals.

The Biznik site describes its members as “united by an independent spirit and a common belief that collaboration beats competition.”

Who are Bizniks?

According to Biznik, they are freelancers, independent contractors and small business owners; entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and micropreneurs; students of business, and corporate employees with dreams of working for themselves. From the home page one can view member’s profiles by state and category. A few clicks on the members tab uncovered 495 real estate agents, 468 entrepreneurs, 203 web-developers and 124 event planners, and that was just in the state of New York! Members can be sought out by city, state or by what type of business they are involved in by searching the entire Biznik community. There are hundreds of categories to search from that includes people from all over the country.

Biznik is not another Facebook

Biznik is a social media platform where peers are building relationships, increasing their visibility, strengthening their reputation, and exchanging support.

Permeating all public interaction, is the 95/5 Principle that limits blatant self-promotion and sales to 5% of the content on the site and inside events. This is not a place to find customers, it’s a place to pass referrals, and be a source of opportunities, new ideas and support.

Who founded Biznik?

Frustrated with the selection of business networking opportunities out there, the Biznik community was founded by two independent business owners, Dan Mccomb & Lara Feltin, in an effort to create “business networking that doesn’t suck.”

Members Pay for the Biznik Privilege

There is a basic membership that includes one’s profile and the limited ability to participate for $79 a year. A Pro membership that provide everything the basic does, plus the ability to publish articles, host events and join groups for $14 a month. Or one can choose to become a Pro-VIP for $29 a month that provides all of the above, plus unlimited editorial support and customized assistance.

There is also a free option where users can RSVP for events.

Is Biznik a Stand-Out?

I think the Biznik community provides an excellent way to reach like-minded people who share the same goal–to be a successful business owner!

It is a great place to begin for people who wish they could start a business but don’t know how. The events that are posted to the site present a unique opportunity to start networking face to face. Other members know what the purpose of the site is and are there for the seam reason.

I would recommend this site to people, like my niece, who wants to start her own business as an event planner. What better way to learn than from a peer who is already in the business?

The Biznik concept is solid!



Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing could work well for this platform. Biznik could use it to announce events to members who might be in the area where an event is taking place. Proximity marketing could also be used to alert members that are within the vicinity of another members store front. Once notified via their mobile device members can accept the invite to attend the event or choose to stop by for a face to face meeting with another Biznik member.

The Marketing Mix for Biznik?

Along with the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, Biznik could benefit from using Instagram and Pinterest to promote photos from events. Email marketing is a must for this social sharing network, along with more traditional integrated marketing efforts such as television, billboards, trade magazines and mail products such as Every Door Direct Mail by the U.S. Postal Service.



U.S. Postal Service Public Relations Representative Ready to Help Make Your Summer Media Campaign a Success

USPS logo

Postal Executive:

Are you about to launch a new product or service into the marketplace this summer? Do you need a voice? Talented Public Relations Professional, Darleen Reid, U.S. Postal Service employee with 29 years’ experience can help you brand your USPS product or service to the American Public. Recent 2013-2014 Successful Integrated Media Campaigns

Federal Cloud Credential Exchange

Comprehensive Internal and External Communication Plan

Reactive Media Outreach for pilot phase

Expanded Access Program

Comprehensive Internal and External Communication Plan

Localized Press Release

Ribbon Cuttings

Customer Service Initiatives-Expanded Access

Spring Satellite Media Tour with the Postmaster General

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on Expanding Postal Access

Let Darleen Be Your Media Spokesperson

Other PR Skills She Can Put to Work for You

ALJzerra Writing-Editing Press Releases Special Events Creativity

Social Media Skills








Current USPS Clients

Secure Digital Solutions

Channel Access Operations

Sales Initiatives

Operation Santa, New York City


If you or your department are about to brand a new USPS product or service, please contact Darleen Reid, Senior Public Relations Representative at Headquarters by calling (212) 330 2929 or by email at

Darleen Reid, USPS

Darleen Reid, USPS

Take a moment to fill out the contact form below and Darleen or a member of her team will contact you shortly.






There is still more, that Darleen Reid can help with….Want to be part of the official USPS Pinterest social media platform or be part of Operations Santa 2014? The USPS Public Relations is here to support you.




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