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USPS Wows AT 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Displaying the power of mail


Will it surprise you to learn the Postal Service was one of the hits at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show?


CES brings technology enthusiasts and business leaders to Las Vegas to see the latest gadgets, including some that won’t hit the market for months. The 2015 show was the largest in history, drawing 150,000 attendees and more than 3,600 exhibitors.


USPS was one of the most popular exhibitors. Each day, hundreds of potential customers visited our booth to ship their purchases — and to learn about the power of mail.


For example, our display featured a station dedicated to digitally enhanced mail, which uses QR codes and other technology to bring traditional mailpieces to life.


Attendees could also play a memory game using Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express boxes and have their picture taken at our state-of-the-art photo booth, where they could create ready-made postcards using famous Las Vegas landmarks as a backdrop.


No less an authority than  identified the Postal Service’s booth as one of the “most eye-catching.” The site described it as “a booth with a tasteful, boxy design, which perfectly captures the essence of packaging and shipping.”


Hey, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Check out some of the booth photos below:

USPS Educates Consumers at Consumer Electronics Show 2015

USPS Educates Consumers at Consumer Electronics Show 2015




USPS Priority Mail Game Show

USPS Priority Mail Game Show





USPS at CES 2015

USPS at CES 2015


Search Me, it’s Ok!

Yes I am Searchable!

Search Me

Google Yourself with a Search, What will you Find?

To test out how “searchable” my personal brand is I was tasked with Google–ing it and I liked it! The results of my Google search solidly represent me both as a USPS Spokesperson and just as little ole’ me. This week’s study delved into Reputation Management and Customer Relationship Management and to conclude this week’s lesson we were to Google ourselves.

I was happy to see there was nothing cringe-worthy for Darleen Reid, Darleen Reid-DeMeo or either of my frequently used email addresses, for business or for school.

I was pleased with Google results for Darleen Reid, the name I most commonly use rather than my married name. Darleen Reid yielded my LinkedIn profile and my Google+ profile. Happy with the first two results these results followed:

Images for Darleen Reid—(Only one picture is actually me, an old picture I had up when I first posted my Google account last year)

My WordPress Blog

My personal Facebook Page

My Facebook page I created for University of Florida studies.

My Twitter Account

Some “other” Darleen Reid’s Pinterest Account.

My Pinterest Account

A Daily News Article from Aug 8, 2011 in which I am quoted regarding a USPS matter.

None of this content would be considered unprofessional, except perhaps for some of the content on my personal Facebook page. Like most, my personal Facebook page is just that, “personal” and has family photos and content that inspires me. There are no embarrassing photos or curse words, at least not of me or by me. I think I am safe!

I don’t think my employer would have any issues with my content as I rarely combine my professional and personal profiles. That being said there are rare times when I do, just the other day I shared USPS Facebook content on my personal page. It was the Priority Mail Pup, which melded nicely with my personal overall animal loving theme on my Facebook.

Then I proceeded to the next search of Darleen Reid-DeMeo and found pretty much the same results except these results reflected more work related material. Often times I put my full legal name and email address on Press Releases. Again my LinkedIn profile came up and both Facebook profiles. Sixth on the list shows Media Contacts on, followed by a Press Release I created and then an article I was quoted in back in July of 2013.

There were a few oddities that popped up such as “cute baby names” and Advertisements for “Dish-TV,” “Vegas World,” “Escape on a Luxury Cruise” and how I can update my “Video player.”

A Google search of my work email address yields eight USPS Press Releases I created and was the contact for. I was happy with these and found no problem there. Finally I Googled my Gmail address which I created for the University of Florida. That search had no results? Not even my WordPress? That result was a little surprising.

All in all, no harm done regarding my reputation. I happy to report it does not need much management at this point, just continued oversight.

On a final note: My only concern is that my personal Facebook pops up in searches for Darleen Reid and Darleen Reid-DeMeo. Currently, the USPS is in the midst of drafting official guidelines of what is acceptable social media behavior for employees. Not sure how the final guideline will overlap onto my personal on-line space and I am not quite sure what my employer will think of all those cat pictures.


The USPS is Important to Most Surveyed

The surveys “The Check is in the Mail” and “The Check is in the Mail-2” delivered First-Class results for the USPS. I am happy to report that of those surveyed the majority feel the USPS is important to them. The actual question posed to both groups was “Please rate how important is the US Postal Service to you?” Respondents chose between Very Important, Important, Sort of Important, Not very Important or Not Important at all. Not one person, taking either survey answered Not very important at all!

Not Important at All

A Stamp is Forever

Everyone Loves Stamps

I really thought a few of those surveyed would have chosen that answer. I was betting all the folks who would take the survey were fellow students and I assumed most of you were in your thirties or younger. With that assumption I was thinking the younger you are the least likely you would be to use the USPS.

I was wrong on the assumption of age or perhaps my younger classmates chose not to participate. I was surprised that the average age category chosen on both surveys was 55 to 64? I could understand the average age of “The Check is in the Mail-2” survey would be older because I purposely asked that friends and family pass it on hoping for a Snowball result. That did not happen as the highest number of survey participants was 15, no snowball there, not even a small one.

Why two surveys? It was called to my attention that in the first survey, “The Check is in the Mail” the way in which I had posed questions 2, 3, 5 and 8 did not allow for all the possible answers. I created the questions thinking everyone visits their local post office and I assumed most everyone knows a lot about the USPS. Not true! So, I added an “I don’t know option and clarified the others. This exemplifies why researchers really need to think about the questions before we post a survey and open it to the public. We cannot assume every question is clear. To that end I will consider “The Check is in the Mail” a PRE-Test! “The Check is in the Mail-2” I will consider my RE-test.

The Results Are In

Results for “The Check is in the Mail-2” were a little surprising, here are the highlights: The highest age demographic taking the survey was 55 to 64 years of age. Of those 26.67% paid a bill using the US Postal Service in the same week. While another 26.67% can’t remember the last time they used the US Postal Service to pay a bill. (Perhaps due to their age!)

33% percent of those surveyed visited a post office this week, while another 33% went last month. That number might be higher than normal because I did not take into consideration the Christmas Holiday and therefore the number might be inflated. Across the board results for Question 4) How often do you purchase US Postage stamps resulted in 33% purchased every month, 33% purchased every six months and 33% purchase once a year.

66.67 % of those surveyed knew the correct price of a postage stamp which was impressive as the First-Class rate of potage had just gone up on January 26th and right before I posted the survey. 66.67% say they receive letter mail everyday while the same percentage receives a packages per month.

About half of those surveyed knew that the Postmaster General is Patrick Donahoe, while another half did not know who the Postmaster General was at all.

The last question asked was “When was the last time you wrote a letter or a card and sent it through the mail?” 54% said they mailed last month. 54% is most probably higher than at other times of the year as we just finished with the busiest time of the year for the USPS December. It would make sense to send out the survey once a quarter to see if the results differ.

The USPS is Important to Those Surveyed

USPS Still Important To Most

US Postal Service survey–“The Check is in the Mail-2”

The most important question in both surveys was “Please rate how important the US Postal Service to you?”

“The Check is in the Mail” 27.7% said it was Very Important while 63.64% said it was Important.

“The Check is in the Mail-2” 40% said it was Very Important while another 40% said it was Important.

In conclusion both surveys delivered good news for my organization. The USPS is Important or Very Important to those who took the survey. I thank everyone who participated and for their support of the United States Postal Service.


The U.S. Postal Service and its Relevance to College Students

Surveys are Fun!

Help a fellow #UFStudent by taking this survey.

Okay, so you may be saying to yourself, enough already with the Postal Service. Yet honestly when I read we were to create a survey in my Web research methods class I thought “Great, what a perfect way to find out the relevancy of the US Postal Service to college students.”

A survey is the perfect way to gather data from a specific age groups, (college students) which is a group the US Postal Service does not seek out or target. I want to know how the college students of Florida University enrolled in social media studies views the importance of the US mail and how often they use it.

Our task was to use one of three survey services, OpinionLab, Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey to create a survey. I chose SurveyMonkey because I had heard all positive comments about the service before and it’s used by the USPS to varying degrees. I thought this a perfect opportunity to familiarize myself with the service.

So let me apologize ahead of time to my fellow students as I write about the USPS all the time and yes, all of my survey questions pertain to the Postal Service. You must understand that working for the USPS is more than a job it’s a way of life. Therefore choosing the USPS as my subject matter makes perfect sense as I swim in the fishbowl known as the USPS Ocean. Often times my only interactions are with other USPS fish big and small and reporters who are interested in the mailing and shipping industry.

So I want to know from folks other than the usual subjects on how they view the postal service and respectfully ask that anyone reading this blog post take the time to take the  survey by clicking here

Looking forward to getting some results, hopefully they will be positive, but even if they are not I still would love to know what my fellow students at the University of Florida think of the US Postal Service.

My next post will discuss the results….but I need you to take the survey to accomplish that task.

Thanks #UFStudents!

You Tube—Pinterest–Search Engines Not to be Ignored!

You Tube-- As Comfortable Like Sneakers


Just recently, and I mean very recently had I heard of “Vine.” I read about it as a requirement of a course I am currently taking on social media. In reading about Vine, (Twitters Sharing App) I learned that 5 new videos are tweeted every second which got my attention. Prompting me to eagerly visit Vine for the first time. About 3 hours later, I emerged bleary eyed and knowing first-hand what it was all about. Mesmerized by the “best of” series, which included people singing, scaring each other, cute animals and outlandish pranks. Thoroughly entertaining, yet I can’t help but conclude it’s just for fun.



You Tube Infographic

I am happy to report the US Postal Service is, in fact, on You Tube. Some content is clearly placed there via USPS Corporate Communications while other videos are not. The Link on the bottom is an example of a locally made video that shows viewers what it’s like in a day of employment for a Letter Carrier. Nice job, but I can tell the content is not produced by the Official USPS Corporate Video library which can be viewed by clinking the first LINK.

With You Tube being more popular than ever and with 4 billion hours of viewing every month, it makes sense for my organization to begin paying much closer attention to this platform. Not so sure though that a USPS video could actually become “viral” except perhaps within our own community. I have tested the virility theory sharing the Postal Service’s recent TV commercial on my personal and class Facebook page without much interest or engagement. I also tried sharing a music video on my personal Facebook page and asked for views and shares in support of a personal cause and again, not much engagement. Evidence I am not quite hitting the mark yet.




On a personal note I use You Tube all the time as a search engine which supports the notion that it has not become the #2 Search Engine in the world of social media. You Tube has supplemented my course learning’s by adding the visual how-to which I needed so badly as navigating through the course materials. Many of the videos regarding how to “Word Press” are excellent. I have used You Tube to try and tackle a new Samsung camera and Logitech webcam; both still a work in progress. Videos are a great supplement to reading a book of instructions or owner’s manual. Who wants to read an owner’s manual when others are willing to do it for you, and put it on video, better yet? I say yeah for You Tube, so glad that it’s here as a resource. Plus there are wonderful videos of cats, kittens, and small furry and not so furry animals that are just plain cute.


Love this site too, very easy to use which is probably why Pinterest users are on the site an average of 98 minutes a month. After a quick search I was extremely happy to see the US Postal Service indeed has a Pinterest account. Although I am not sure yet how it’s populated I plan to find out going forward. I am also going to suggest that we definitely share holiday content this year on Pinterest. Holiday is the time to ship packages and many times it’s the women of the household who do the shipping. With that said we have an audience of woman in the age ranges of 25-54 who most likely would love to view holiday stamp images ahead to time along with a link to how to get Free Priority Mail boxes delivered right to their homes free of charge. Here is the Link to the USPS Pinterest board.

Lastly Photographs as discussed by C. C. Chapman. There are most definitely times when you need a professional photographer. I have learned this so many times throughout my career at the Postal Service the hard way. Not everyone is a photographer even when supplied with the very best of equipment. Of course I nice camera helps, but it does not make the shot. If you are reading this blog post you can view my photography skills under the Quick Shots 4 You section.  Enough said…..


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